O-Level Physics Syllabus

The O-Level Physics Syllabus is your pathway to understanding the intricacies of the physical world. It provides deep insights into the fundamental principles that govern everything from microscopic particles to vast cosmic phenomena. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll navigate through the syllabus, equipping you with the knowledge and skills essential for academic success and real-world understanding.

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Ordinary Level Physics (Syllabus 6091)

1. Measurement

Explore the world of precise quantification and units of physical attributes.

1.1 Physical Quantities, Units and Measurement

Master the fundamentals of measurement, including physical quantities, units, and measurement techniques. Build a strong foundation in accuracy and precision.

2. Newtonian Mechanics

Discover the fundamental laws governing motion, forces, and equilibrium.

2.1. Kinematics

Explore the motion of objects, from velocity and acceleration to distance-time graphs. Understand the principles that govern motion.

2.2 Dynamics

Delve into the forces acting on objects and their effects. Learn about Newton’s laws and how they apply to real-world situations.

2.3 Turning Effect of Forces

Discover how forces can cause objects to rotate and understand concepts like torque and equilibrium.

2.4. Pressure

Learn about the behaviour of fluids and how pressure affects objects immersed in them.

2.5 Energy

Explore the different forms of energy and their transformations, from kinetic energy to potential energy.

3. Thermal Physics

Investigate the behaviour of matter and energy in terms of temperature and heat transfer.

3.1 Kinetic Particle Model of Matter

Understand the behaviour of particles in different states of matter and how temperature affects their motion.

3.2 Thermal Processes

Explore heat transfer mechanisms, including conduction, convection, and radiation.

3.3 Thermal Properties of Matter

Learn about specific heat capacity, latent heat, and how materials respond to changes in temperature.

4. Waves

Delve into the properties and behaviour of waves, including light and sound.

4.1 General Properties of Waves

Dive into the world of waves, from wave characteristics to wave interactions.

4.2 Electromagnetic Spectrum

Discover the electromagnetic spectrum and the various types of electromagnetic waves.

4.3 Light

Explore the nature of light, including reflection, refraction, and optics.

5. Electricity and Magnetism

Uncover the principles behind electrical circuits, static electricity, and magnetism.

5.1 Static Electricity

Learn about static charges, electric fields, and the behaviour of charged objects.

5.2 Current of Electricity

Understand electric circuits, Ohm’s law, and electrical power.

5.3 D.C. Circuits

Explore direct current circuits, including series and parallel circuits.

5.4 Practical Electricity

Apply your knowledge of electricity to practical electrical experiments and applications.

5.5 Magnetism

Study the properties of magnets and magnetic fields.

5.6 Electromagnetism

Learn how electricity and magnetism are interconnected and discover the principles of electromagnetism.

5.7 Electromagnetic Induction

Explore electromagnetic induction and its applications.

6. Radioactivity

Explore the fascinating world of nuclear decay and radiation processes.

6.1 Radioactivity

Understand the principles of radioactivity and nuclear physics.

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