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Physics & Chemistry Tuition Teacher Joseph Ang

Secondary Physics & Chemistry Specialist, Founder of AO Studies

There are a lot of study assistance options out there, but it’s difficult to know which are below average and won’t deliver on their promises, and which are actually good. Chemistry tuition teachers who understand that not every student is the same can be hard to come by, but AO Studies offers just that with Joseph Ang. 

Specialising as both a O Level Physics tuition and Secondary Chemistry tuition teacher, Joseph graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Chemical Engineering and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education. He is an ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher with 4 years of experience in school and 9 years in tutoring. 

Through his years of experience and professional training, Joseph has developed his own unique way of teaching abstract scientific concepts and to make these concepts visual and engaging for his students. Further, he is well aware that teaching methodologies may need to be modified depending on the student to ensure the best results.

Teaching Methodology

How the lessons are conducted

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre - Physics Chemistry Tutor Joseph Ang - Mind-mapping & Concept Mapping

Mind-mapping & Concept Mapping

Joseph’s topical re-teaching classes for Physics and Chemistry tuition don’t just repeat everything the school has already taught. Instead, there is a strong emphasis on the key concepts in each chapter and how they are linked to each other, or to other chapters. Students will then be guided to map them out, allowing them to form a mental image of their concepts and how they are linked together. Studies have shown that such practices enable more efficient use of knowledge and better memorisation.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre - Physics Chemistry Tutor Joseph Ang - Making Lessons Interesting and Engaging

Making Lessons Interesting and Engaging

Science is an engaging subject that is supposed to inspire students to want to find out more. Instead, many school teachers have reduced the subject to memorising hard facts in order to push for better grades and save time. A good Chemistry tuition teacher and Physics, however, will make it a point to make their lessons engaging and interesting through a variety of teaching tools such as videos, real life examples and sometimes even experiments – which is exactly what Joseph does. He constantly challenges his students with thought-provoking questions which forces his students to draw the link between the concepts that they have learned and things they experience in their daily lives.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre - Physics Chemistry Tutor Joseph Ang - Focus on Answering Techniques and Examination Skills

Focus on Answering Techniques and Examination Skills

Knowing all the Chemistry and Physics concepts well and how to apply them is only half the battle won. Students often get demoralised in school as they seemingly know all the concepts tested but still do not do well in test and exams. This is because students lack the proper answering techniques to score the full marks. Joseph’s focus on answering techniques during his tutorials will help students understand exactly what teachers are looking for, so that students will be able to convert their knowledge into grades.

Examination Preparation

How should students study for their Physics/Chemistry Exam?

Master Topical Concepts

Ensure that you are proficient with what is tested in each chapter, i.e, the key concepts and important scientific terms. Students should be able to recite the subtopics in each chapter and the key points in each of these subtopics. Summarising your own notes for each topic is usually able to help you achieve this as the process of identifying key concepts in each chapter and how to present them will help you familiarise and memorise the key concepts.

Drawing Links between Chapters

Higher order thinking questions in Chemistry and Physics often requires students to apply concepts from different chapters to solve the question. Understanding how chapters are linked together when learning them will make drawing links in the exams more natural and easier. Mind Map and concept maps also help a lot in reinforcing how different concepts come together and also allows students to better appreciate the beauty of science and how it comes together to explain the things that happen around us.

Rigorous Drill and Practice

Although there are practically no boundaries to what they can ask in the Chemistry and Physics exam, rigorous drill and practice does help students master the common question types, enabling them to answer these questions with ease. Even when it comes to higher order thinking questions, when students constantly learn to apply their conceptual knowledge in unfamiliar scenarios, students will know the strategies to approaching these questions and greatly increasing their chances of solving them. In AO Studies, Joseph places a lot of emphasis in helping his students develop their thinking and approach towards solving difficult questions.

Student Testimonial

What our students say about our Physics and Chemistry tutor

I joined AO Studies towards the end of secondary 3. At that time, my phy and chem were barely passing and I was beginning to lose interest in them. However, the lessons were engaging and I was able to better understand the topics. Throughout the journey, we learnt many useful techniques to memorise information and help tackle the different papers. I was shocked that I managed to improve from C6 in sec 3 to A1 for both my phy and chem in the ‘o’s. I would definitely recommend those who are struggling to join AO Studies as you will be able improve your results and experience the joy of learning science!

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Edwin Tan

Maris Stella High School, Pure Physics and Chemistry Programme | A1 for Chemistry and Physics

Before AO Studies, I was struggling with an F9 grade for my combined science. I hated Chemistry and could not understand most of the concepts. However with the help of Mr Joseph, I was able to cope with the subject and eventually gained interest in Chemistry. As for Physics, I was able to see a great improvement as compared to my grades in Sec 3. For my OLevels, I scored an A1 for the subject, hence I really recommend AO Studies as it’s really worth it !!

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Berlynn Ong

Christ Church Secondary School, Combined Chemistry/Physics Programme | A1 for Combined Science (Chem/Phys)

I joined AO Studies when I was in Sec 3, during the June Holidays for Chemistry. Chemistry is one of my favourite subjects and I enjoy learning it. However, my results did not reflect my passion for it and my marks were between average and below average. Because of that, I lost my motivation for that subject. After joining AO studies, my attitude towards Chemistry gradually changed for the better. My tutor was willing to spend more time, giving me extra coaching in topics I was quite weak in. They have many resources, such that I was often given complex questions to tackle thus, having greater exposure to different types of application questions. Also, there were timed assignments in class to help gauge my level of understanding. As such, my results have improved a lot, from low Cs to mostly high Bs and As. I am extremely grateful to AO Studies for not only helping me improve my grades but also helping me build my confidence back. Thank you!

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Rosini Garan

Cedar Girls' Secondary School, Pure Chemistry Programme | A2 for Pure Chemistry