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Maths can be an exciting, fun subject that is incredibly rewarding. From a trip to the grocery store to splitting a restaurant bill with a group of friends, we continue to use Maths in our daily lives long after leaving school.

But what about learning Maths in the proper way so that you can take the lessons learnt with you far beyond your school years? Since class sizes in schools are often large, it can be remarkably frustrating to struggle to understand concepts while the rest of the class moves on. This often leads to students doing poorly in Maths, and not surprisingly, ending up hating what they do not understand. But, with the help of a Maths specialist tuition centre with a proven track record in Singapore, students just might gain a mastery of the various mathematical concepts and learn to appreciate the subject — all while acing their examinations. 🙂

What Makes Us Different From Other Maths Tuition Centres?

At AO Studies, we offer comprehensive Maths tuition programmes from Elementary and Additional Mathematics for ‘O’ Level preparation to our outstanding JC H2 Maths Programme.

Our award-winning Maths tuition programmes aim to provide top-notch, step-by-step guidance to prepare students for their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level Maths examinations. Throughout our structured tuition classes that leverage a varied range of resources, we encourage a view of Math as an exciting, fun subject with infinite application possibilities in today’s world. In addition to achieving academic goals, AO Studies is dedicated to imparting all our students with invaluable life skills that will be used in their future academic or professional lives.

Get A Maths Specialist in A Premier Tuition Centre

AO Studies is one of Singapore’s top Maths Tuition Centres, helping hundreds of students improve their grades in Maths from failing grades to distinctions in their national examinations since 2012. With a team of highly-trained and passionate educators led by devoted Maths specialist Lim Chu Wei, we resolutely believe that every child can score an A in Maths by enrolling in our Maths tuition centre.

Numerous students attest to his dedication and effective results in glowing testimonials. Give us a ring and let’s chat about how AO Studies can help improve your child’s grades.