O-Level Chemistry Syllabus

Explore the O-Level Chemistry syllabus with AO Studies, a foundational element in your educational journey. This comprehensive overview will introduce you to the diverse and engaging scientific field of Chemistry, and how its processes are integral to modern innovations and daily life.

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Ordinary Level Chemistry (Syllabus 6092)

1. Matter

Delve into the exploration of matter’s fundamental properties and states, understanding the building blocks of the universe.

1.1 Experimental Chemistry

Dive into the practical world of chemistry through hands-on experiments and real-world applications.

1.2 The Particulate Nature of Matter

Explore the tiny building blocks of matter and understand how they dictate the properties and behaviours of substances.

1.3 Chemical Bonding and Structure

Unlock the secrets of how atoms combine and the intricate structures they form, laying a solid foundation for advanced chemical concepts.

2. Chemical Reactions

Uncover the dynamics of chemical reactions, learning how substances interact and transform in exciting and diverse ways.

2.1 Chemical Calculations

Master the art of precise calculations, a critical skill for every aspiring chemist.

2.2 Acid-Base Chemistry

Delve into the dynamic world of acids and bases, a cornerstone concept in Chemistry.

2.3 Qualitative Analysis

Learn the techniques of qualitative analysis and develop a keen eye for detail.

2.4 Redox Chemistry

Discover the electron transfer processes in redox reactions and their vast applications.

2.5 Patterns in the Periodic Table

Unravel the periodic table’s mysteries and the periodic trends that govern element behaviour.

2.6 Chemical Energetics

Get to grips with the energy changes in chemical reactions, a crucial aspect of chemistry.

2.7 Rate of Reactions

Study the factors influencing the speed of chemical reactions and their practical implications.

3. Chemistry in a Sustainable World

Explore the crucial role of Chemistry in sustainability, focusing on how chemical principles contribute to a healthier planet.

3.1 Organic Chemistry

Step into the world of organic compounds and their significance in our daily lives.

3.2 Maintaining Air Quality

Understand the chemical principles behind maintaining air quality, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable future.

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