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Physics provides us all with the understanding of energy, matter, and relationships with each other and the physical world.

Physics has a close relationship with Maths and often uses formulas, calculations, graphs, and experiments. Combining different mathematical approaches, students have to master numerous concepts before advancing. Physics is often thought to be one of the more difficult subjects taught in secondary school.


Why Should You Join Our
Physics Tuition Programme?

In our Physics Tuition Programme, students are taught a meticulously-crafted course structure that has been proven numerous times to enhance their understanding in Physics.

Our Physics tuition programme for ‘O’ level strives to help students understand our physical world and fully grasp complicated concepts, not simply memorise text from a book and regurgitate it in the examination hall. Our JC Physics programme encourages inquiry-based learning and asking the right questions. Teachers that have a wealth of experience know precisely what and how to teach Physics in order to give students the academic knowledge and confidence they need to ace their ‘A’ Levels.

The extensive examination preparation we do with our students has one primary objective in mind: to ensure that our students are equipped with everything they need to score the highest examination marks in their upcoming ‘A’ and ‘O’ level Physics examinations.

AO Studies – Singapore’s Premier
Physics Tuition Centre!

A critical part of getting a good Physics score is thoroughly understanding it. Once the concepts in Physics are fully understood, application will come naturally and knowledge can be expanded.

AO Studies is an affordable Physics tuition centre in Singapore that offers an outstanding Physics programme that includes tutorials, time practices, and examination skills and strategies. Our dedicated Physics and Chemistry tutor Mr. Joseph Ang has 4 years of experience teaching in schools and 9 years in tutoring. Numerous students have given gracious testimonials that attest to his staunch commitment to education.

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