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Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – the five Ps of success not just for examinations, but life itself.

In our O Level Chemistry tuition programme at AO Studies, Bishan, Singapore, we strive to equip students with the foundational knowledge for them to better understand not just Chemistry, but also the other sciences and how all the sciences come together to explain our world today.

Often, students are unable to grasp what a chemical reaction is because they find difficulty in observing or visualising what actually happens at a molecular level. This forces many of them to give up on the subject and decide to take on other sciences for O Levels instead. However, they fail to realise that Chemistry is the foundation of science itself, forming the bridge between the other sciences; without it, the learning of other sciences becomes impossible as well.

The effects of its importance can be far-reaching. The strategy of learning Chemistry is in many ways unique compared to the learning of other sciences. Requiring a special blend of understanding and memory work, students who are able to fully grasp it will be able to understand how the world works in a whole new perspective.

Programme Structure

How our O Level Chemistry tuition lessons are conducted

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Topical Re-teaching

For topical re-teaching classes at AO Studies, students will receive concise notes and are reintroduced to the key Chemistry concepts in each chapter. Special emphasis will be placed on key terminology linked to each concept that they must apply in their answers. Instead of a didactic lecture, we adopt an inquiry approach in our lessons where students are encouraged to think about what they are learning. A basic assignment will also be given towards the end of the lesson to assess the student’s understanding.

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Topical Tutorials

In topical tutorials, students will be given a specially designed set of notes that aims to consolidate the key concepts in each chapter and also the common question types that students should expect from various O Level Chemistry topics. Students will also be exposed to the common mistakes and misconceptions through these questions.

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Higher-order thinking question discussion

During higher-order thinking question discussions, students are exposed to more advanced thinking questions that aim to challenge their concepts and strengthen them. Through our teacher’s guidance, students will be taught on how they should approach an unfamiliar question and the thought process behind it.

Class Activities

What do we do in a typical class over the term

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Regular Class Discussions

During our regular class discussions, students will participate in the discussion of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) questions. HOTS questions are specially designed to stimulate a students’ thinking and stretch their conceptual understanding. It requires the development of advanced thinking skills and the right mindsets for academic success. Through HOTS question discussions, students will learn to analyse questions thoroughly; ask the right questions; extract relevant knowledge and apply them; and derive the best explanation or answer to a specific question.

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Time Practices/Examination Setting

In-class practices and timed trials will be conducted frequently in our O Level Chemistry lessons, especially for the key question types in each chapter. These practices will be assessed immediately during the class while the topic is still fresh in their mind. It will provide instant feedback to the students on how they can improve their answers; help correct misconceptions; and strengthen their conceptual knowledge.

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Examinations Skills & Strategies

In truth, the O Level Chemistry examination is actually a competition among the cohort. The actual qualifying mark for each grade will be based on how well the cohort performs. For instance, the top 10% of the cohort will score an A1 while the top 25% will score an A2. In short, as your child outperforms their peers, his/her chance of obtaining a higher grade significantly increases. Students will learn tips and tricks regarding examination skills and strategies to deal with each of the Chemistry papers that will place them ahead of their peers.

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Topical Re-Teaching

Topical Re-teaching Lessons are done with the provision of notes highlighting key terminologies. Areas that are commonly examinable are given emphasis in order for our students to pay more attention to these areas. Visual and diagrammatic representations of key Chemistry concepts will allow students to better understand and correlate them to real world phenomena, hence enhancing their appreciation of Chemistry.

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Key Features

Why should you join our O-Level Chemistry tuition programme?

Inquiry-Based lessons focusing on key mistakes and misconceptions

Inquiry-based topical re-teaching, as opposed to a didactic lecture, allows students to realise for themselves the misconceptions and mistakes that they commonly make as it promotes more thinking and participation.

Focus on application and higher order thinking

At AO Studies, our tutorials are specially designed for students to promote thinking and deep application of their knowledge. Students will be exposed to a large breadth of questions that will seemingly be very different from what they have learnt. Through our guidance, we will help O Level students draw links in these unfamiliar questions to their Chemistry concepts and guide them to find the answers.

Examination-Based Answering Techniques

In our tutorials, a strong emphasis is placed on proper answering techniques that will help students score the maximum number of marks in the exams. By clearly identifying the key terminology that students need to include for each concept used, and constantly reinforcing it in their tutorial answers, students will be effectively trained to use accurate terminology to answer examination questions.

O-Level Chemistry Syllabus

Key trends in recent examinations


Increased Real-Life Application of Chemistry


Understand Topical Concepts More Deeply


Relate Unfamiliar Scenarios to Concepts

In Chemistry, students are largely tested on their ability to extract information from the relevant chapters to answer questions that may seem unfamiliar at first. In recent years, there has been a shift in the focus towards greater application of knowledge to real-life examples, across all O Level subjects, and this trend is even more evident in the Chemistry examinations. In order to score a distinction in Chemistry, it is now more important for students to understand their topical concepts more deeply, and learn to relate unfamiliar scenarios to their concepts.

Student Testimonial

What our students say about our programme

I started joining Joseph’s Chemistry class around June in my secondary 3 academic year, and physics class towards the end of my sec 3 year. At that point of time, my Chemistry results was around a c6 in ca1, and an e8 in ca2. At the final year exam for secondary 3, i failed Chemistry by a slight bit, and so Joseph has prepared many intensive lessons during the school holidays to buck up my foundations. Especially for Physics, my grades were an f9 without fail every single time. Rather demoralised and not knowing if i should drop physics, Joseph encouraged me to sign up for his Physics class too. Despite constantly not doing well in school exams for physics, Joseph did’nt give up, and gave extra attention to if i needed help in the questions we were doing in class. He was always willing to stay back after class to attend to my questions if i had any. After a lot of thorough explanations and challenging practices from Joseph, I’ve managed to score a a2 for Chemistry, and a b3 for physics, which i definitely did not expect! Thank you! 🙂

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Ng Wan Ting

St. Nicholas Girls' School, Sec Chemistry & Physics Programme | A2 for Chemistry, B3 for physics

I joined AO studies around april of my secondary 4 year and at that time I’ve been consistently failing my Amath (F9), Chemistry (F9) and Physics (D7) while my Emath barely scraped by with a C6. With O levels in about half a year or so it seemed almost impossible to get decent grades in these subjects until I joined AO studies. The tutors there were extremely dedicated and were willing to take the extra mile for their students. What seemed like an unattainable goal slowly but surely became possible as I passed all four subjects (with an A1 for Emath) during Prelims. Subsequently, with the outstanding efforts and guidance by the various tutors, I attained distinctions for all 4 subjects – Amath, Emath, Physics and Chemistry that i took under AO studies. It was such a blessing to be able to be tutored under AO studies and I really can’t thank the tutors enough. Thank you so much! ^^

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Charmaine Lee

Crescent Girls’ School, Programme | Grade

I joined AO studies at middle of Secondary 3 after failing my Chemistry with only 25/100 (F9) for the 1st half of the year. After joining the Tuition centre for only 2-3 months, with the help of the teachers i managed to pass my Chemistry paper for the 1st time. Not just for Chemistry, i had also gotten F9s for my A math continuously for the 1st semester. Too after joining the Tuition centre, my results improved tremendously. From a once F9 to an A2, its a really huge improvement that even I found shocking.

The tutors are really helpful as they would invite me back to the tuition centre if i have doubts or problems solving a particular question. Their worksheets are made to be really challenging such that sometimes we do not even have enough time to complete the whole worksheet even with a full 2 hours to do the mere 6 questions or less.

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Benjamin Koh

Commonwealth Secondary School, Programme | Grade

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