Class Schedule

2022 Weekly Class Schedule and Rates

AO Studies is a tuition centre that specialises in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at ‘O’ and  ‘A’ Levels. We believe strongly in the quality of teaching and hence we do not hire freelance tutors to deliver our content. All of our materials and lessons are designed and conducted by our in house subject specialists. You can rest assured that when you enrol your child into our programmes,  your child is receiving the most professional help from the most experienced tutors.

No deposit

No admin fee

No registration fee

No withdrawal notice period

No deposit is required when you sign up for any of our classes. Every lesson is meticulously planned, offering top quality tuition every time, every lesson. And since our tuition is that good, we do not need to lock you in.

 Everyone has the right to change their mind, so if you change your mind, simply let us know before your next payment due date.

Science Tuition

Weekly Class Schedule and Rates for Science Tuition

Sec 3 Sciences

Subj Day Time Fees
4 lessons 10 lessons
Phys Sun 2 - 4pm $280 $680
Chem 4:15-6:15pm

Sec 4 Sciences

Subj Day Time Fees
4 lessons 10 lessons
Phys Sun 9:15-11:15am $280 $680
Chem 11:30-1:30pm

A'level H2 Physics

Level Day Time Fees
4 lessons 10 lessons
JC 1 Fri 6 - 8pm $360 $850
JC 2 Sat 5:30 - 7:30pm

Math Tuition

No. of days left to…

















All Math classes are hybrid

(on-site or online classes)

How are the Math classes being taught and what is the class size?

A mixture of lecture-tutorial teaching style will be used. Notes will be provided as well. There will be teaching first and then students will be given sufficient time to do hands-on practices during class. “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” – Paul Halmos

Our principal Mr. Lim is a strong believer in responsive teaching. Teaching pace and style may vary from class to class. You can find out more by reading our students’ testimonials here.

Class size ranges from 4 to 12 students per class.

Why is there no Math trial class available?

It is nearly impossible to tell if the tuition is actually suitable for you or your child within a mere 2 hours session. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to read our reviews first before signing up.

Our principal Mr. Lim spends time mingling with students to understand and help them better. A lot of effort is put into helping students achieve academic excellence. We do not encourage tuition hopping but everyone has the right to change their mind. This is also the reason why there is NO (1) registration fee, (2) admin fee, (3) deposits and (4) withdrawal period notice.

Do you split the class duration to 1hr for E.Math and 1hr for A.Math?

Our A&E Math classes are not split based on duration but based on topics. For example, the curriculum teaching time for 3 topics in A.Math may take up to 2 months (8 lessons) to complete and 2 topics in E.Math may take up to 1 month (4 lessons) to complete. Therefore, on average, about 70% of the curriculum time will be spent on teaching A.Math and 30% on E.Math.

Is there intensive revision for graduating classes?

There will be a full syllabus revision programme (our Signature prog) for Sec 4 and JC 2 during Sep and Oct respectively.  Our principal Mr. Lim carefully and meticulously designs these two signature revision programmes and they are revised and fine-tuned each year. Each signature programme comes with a complete Mock Exam (Paper 1 & 2). An Integrated Math (combined A&E Math) mock exam will be provided for our Sec 4 A&E Math students. AO Studies Math Tuition is the only centre providing a full Math mock exam paper. 
Each revision lesson is 3 hrs. The revision schedule will be released 1 month prior.

All materials and exams are set by our principal Mr. Lim and will be marked by him.

Is there revision during school holidays?

There will be 1st round of revision programme during the June holidays for Sec 4, JC 1 & 2. (No revision programme for Sec 3)

There will be 2nd round of revision programme for JC 1 & 2 (only) in September. Sec 4 will start full syllabus revision (our Signature prog) for O’levels in September. No materials/tutorials are repeated. For example, 2022 June revision program is not the same as 2022 Sep or 2023 Jun/Sep Revision program. All materials are set by our principal Mr. Lim.

Each revision lesson is 3 hrs. The revision schedule will be released 1 month prior.

Are there mini class tests or timed practices?

There are self-assessments, timed-practices and mini class tests for all levels throughout the year. All our students’ progress is monitored closely and this is why our Math students always produce stellar results every year. You can check out our students’ testimonials here.

Graduating classes (S4 & JC2) will sit for more frequent tests throughout the year in preparation for their National Exams.

All tests are set by our principal Mr. Lim and will be marked by him as well.

Are all your students from top schools?

As our minister said: “All schools are good schools.” Therefore, we do not judge our students based on their current schools. We coach everyone equally.

My child is very weak in Math. Can he/she still join the class?

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.“- Albert Einstein. You can definitely expect complex mathematical concepts to be broken down very simplistically by Mr. Lim. So even if your child is very weak in Math, he/she can still join the class and benefit from it.

However, if you wish to engage Mr. Lim for 1-1 Math tuition, you can sign up for our Math Focus Group classes.

Math Focus Groups (1-1)

If you are absolutely clueless about what is happening in school, super weak in Math, totally have no idea what your Math teacher is teaching in school, then you definitely need 1-1 coaching! You are advised to take both our regular class and Focus Group at the same time.

Sign up for what you need, just 2 lessons at a time.

Fully Customisable


1-1 with the Best Math Teacher

Learn Way Faster

Subject Day/Time Fees (2hrs / lesson)
A&E Math Private arrangement $500/2 lessons
H2 Math Private arrangement $ 660/2 lessons

Weekly Regular Math Classes

O'level A&E Math

Level Day Time Fees (2hrs / lesson)
4 lesson 12 lessons
Sec3 Sat 1-3pm $340 $970
Sec4 Fri 7 - 9pm $340 $970
Sat 3:30 - 5:30pm

We do not provide E.Math tuition classes.

^All AO Studies A&E Math students will enjoy special loyalty discount for H2 Math tuition class the following year.

A'level H2 Math

Level Day Time Fees (2hrs / lesson)
4 lessons 12 lessons
JC1 Wed 6:30 - 8:30pm $380 $1090
Sat 10 - 12pm (almost full)
JC2 Tue 6:30-8:30pm $ 400 $1150
Sat 6:30 - 8:30pm (almost full)
Sun 11 - 1pm

We do not provide H1 Math tuition classes.

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