Class Schedule

2020 Weekly Class Schedule and Rates

AO Studies is a tuition centre that specialises in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics at ‘O’ and  ‘A’ Levels. We believe strongly in the quality of teaching and hence we do not hire freelance tutors to deliver our content. All of our materials and lessons are designed and conducted by our in house subject specialists. You can rest assured that when you enrol your child into our programmes,  your child is receiving the most professional help from the most experienced tutors.


Keep Calm. Learn Online.

As all tuition centres are temporary suspended, we will be conducting our classes online at real time. Rest assured that all our online classes are as effective as our physical classes. Students are required to take a picture of their work and send to us via Whatsapp during the online lesson. Two-way communication is established all the time between teacher and students throughout the entire online lesson to ensure everyone is paying attention. 

To help our education system, we will offer 50% discount for the 1st 10 lessons for all new students who join us during 1st to 30th April 2020. #SGunited #Wecandothistogether


Full Refund for all Online Math Classes.

We are 100% confident of the effectiveness of our online Math classes. And to prove that, we are offering a full refund if you don’t learn anything in your first online Math class. With 50% off for your 1st 10 lessons and a full refund policy, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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No deposits. No withdrawal notice period. 

No deposits are required when you sign up for any of our classes. Every lesson is meticulously planned, offering top quality tuition every time, every lesson. As a 100% student-oriented tuition centre, we don’t believe in “locking you down”. Every one has the right to change their mind, so if you change your mind, simply let us know before your next payment due date. 

AO Studies Focus Groups.

All New. Starting in 2020.

If you are absolutely clueless about what is happening in school, totally have no idea what your Math teacher is teaching in school, we got you covered! The all new AO Studies Focus Groups will be launched in 2020 to help weaker students. The difference between AO Studies Focus Groups is that classes are restricted to only you and/or your friend(s). Up to maximum of 3 students/class only. The class pace will be tailored exactly to your learning pace. Once you are getting better and stronger in Math, you can join our main stream classes.

Secondary Tuition

Weekly Class Schedule and Rates for Secondary Tuition

In our secondary tuition, we offer A/E Maths, Pure Chemistry and Physics, Combined science(Chemistry/Physics) for secondary 3 and 4. The class schedule of our classes are as follows:

Secondary 3

Subjects Day Time Rates
Chemistry Sunday 1130am - 130pm $280 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons @ $350)
Physics Sunday 915-1115am $280 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons @ $350)
A/E Math Tuesday 630-830pm $320 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons @ $400, U.P.: $800)


Secondary 4 

Subjects Day Time Rates
Physics Sunday 2-4pm $280 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons @ $350)
Chemistry Sunday 415-615pm $280 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons @ $350)
A/E Math Wednesday 630pm-830pm $340 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons@$425, U.P.: $850)
A/E Math (Focus Group) Private arrangment Temporary stop Temporary stop
*All AO Studies A/E Math students will enjoy special loyalty discount for H2 Math tuition class.

JC Tuition

 Weekly Class Schedule and Rates for JC Tuition

In our JC tuition, we offer H2 Mathematics for JC 1 and JC 2.

Junior College 1 

Subjects Day Time Rates
JC 1 H2 Math Friday 330-530pm $380 per 4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons@$475, U.P.: $950)
JC 1 H2 Math (Focus Group) Private arrangement Temporary stop Temporary stop


Junior College 2

Subjects Day Time Rates
JC 2 H2 Math Thursday / Saturday 7-9pm / 330-530pm $420/4 lessons (50% off 1st 10 lessons@$525, U.P.: $1050)
JC 2 H2 Math (Focus Group) Private arrangement Temporary stop Temporary stop
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