Chu Wei is always constantly changing his teaching methods and platforms to best fit our learning styles and every tutorial question is freshly tailored to perfection.

Eve (NJC)

Chu Wei’s nightmarish and infuriating tutorials exposed me to a lot more different types of questions. He stayed back after class to clear my doubts, replied my bombarding texts, answered my questions with patience and most importantly he made sure that I understood. 

Xingni (NYJC)

Chu Wei combines this learning with devilishly challenging practices which forces us to put our knowledge to the test, some of which are intriguing, relatable and relevant to real life.

Carine (River Valley High Sch)

Chu Wei helps you to improve by increasing your exposure to higher order thinking questions that are not usually covered by school.

Mayneth (MJC)

Singapore’s Stellar JC Maths Tuition Programme

The JC maths tuition programme at AO Studies Singapore, taught by math specialist Mr Lim Chu Wei, is a tested and proven programme which has seen many students achieving a distinction for A Level H2 maths. We have specially designed the tuition programme to help students achieve results while reducing their revision hours by at least 30%.

Lessons in school are conducted in large lectures and students often find difficulty in catching up with the pace of the lectures and are too shy to ask questions. Our JC maths tuition programme aims to enable all of our students to have a complete and thorough understanding of all the key topical concepts and the strategies and speed to tackle common questions efficiently and effectively. On top of that, we help to develop our students in their thought processes towards tackling higher order knowledge and real-world application questions with ease.

The Best H2 Math Tuition for A Level and More

When you choose AO Studies, you can feel confident knowing that our O and A Level maths tuition programme has been developed with top-tier results in mind. As providers of JC maths tuition in Singapore covering O and A Level H2 math, we know how important examination results are and, as such, make sure we deliver the best H2 math tuition to our students so they achieve nothing but exemplary scores.

Read some testimonials from past students below.

Erin Seah

In his class, Chu Wei will always provide us with a hot towel to let us freshen ourselves up and there are also FREE snacks provided to make sure that we are not hungry!

Nanyang Junior College

Carine Chan

Chu Wei always makes sure to explain clearly the underlying concepts and fundamentals behind each topic, using various drawings, analogies and explanations until everyone in the class understands it.

River Valley High School

Siah Shifra

Chu Wei's lessons and tests were really sick and passing none of his tests was actually kinda demoralising especially when alevels is nearing but well it better prepared me for the real shit and i jumped from a D to an A. Yay, thank you Chu Wei!  

Nanyang Junior College

Lim Yip Siew

I have been under Chu Wei since Secondary 4, and he is by far the most dedicated teacher I know. His class is always full of laughter and joy, and you'll grow to love math.

Serangoon Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Yeo

Marcus Yeo Xin Hao

From Chu Wei's torturous and monstrous self-made tutorial question, i had alot of trouble doing it, but he took the extra mile and explain preciously to me with the basic understanding of math.

Yishun Junior College

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is so much more than just your tuition teacher with a mission to reteach what you should have learnt in school. He’s a whole package deal of teacher, mentor and personal cheerleader hitting you all at once.

National Junior College

Valery Thong Wei Qing

Yet when you feel all hope is lost, Chu Wei will make you feel that you can salvage any situation as long as you put your heart into it.

Innova Junior College

Juliana Ho Shing Chian

Thanks to Chu Wei, my Math grade successfully improved from a U to an A. To someone like me who has never scored anything above a U grade throughout my JC life, this is a life-changing miracle.

Nanyang Junior College

Tan Zi Xuan

... with a C5 in my Amaths at ‘O’ Levels, I clearly remembered how I hated calculus and totally given up. With Chu Wei's efforts, I managed to secure an A for my H2 Maths at ‘A’ Levels!

Serangoon Junior College

Huang Ziqi

Chu Wei believes that every student is capable of achieving good grades in Maths. He encourages and pushes his students to achieve their goals.

National Junior College

Ng Jing Ting

I have never failed any math paper after the guidance of Chu Wei, when in fact math was my most hated subject since primary school. I even scored distinction in my A Levels!!!

Nanyang Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan Xue Er

Chu Wei is a tutor that really cares about the welfare of his students & never failed to be there when I needed help in my studies & even for any other issues. Honestly, without him, I would be nowhere near to where I am today.

Serangoon Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Chan Tin Wing

Chan Tin Wing

I am glad that I was able to be taught by Chu Wei during my toughest period of my JC life.

Nanyang Junior College

Leow Xingni

Chu Wei is a very driven teacher and a friend who will encourage and motivate you.

Nanyang Junior College

Ooi Qiu Min

Chu Wei's tuition provides a very personalised experience whereby, he will point out each of our mistakes and ensure that we will not repeat it in our exams or future practices.

Nanyang Junior College

Hazel Tan Jia Hui

Chu Wei tailored many lessons that targeted essential questions in each chapter of H2 math...

Nanyang Junior College

Yeo Dong Han

Chu Wei takes great effort in making his math questions fun to do despite being challenging ...

St Andrew's Junior College

Darren Heng Chen Kai

Chu Wei is also someone who clearly knows the education and examining system well, and accurately spots questions like a magician (including the actual A level math questions)...  

Raffles Institution

Chen Lu Shi Quinn

Chuwei is a tutor with both great knowledge and a big heart...... if you want a tutor who is dedicated, whose teaching is effective or a tutor who can give your child/you maximum exposure, I believe Chuwei is the tutor you are looking for.

Victoria Junior College

Programme Structure

How are the lessons conducted

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Topical Re-teaching and Tutorials Icon

Topical Re-teaching and Tutorials

In topical re-teaching, the key topical concepts are reintroduced, highlighting the key strategies used to solve common question types. Students will then practice examples of the different question types and through the guidance of our tutor, students will learn about the common pitfalls and mistakes that they tend to make. Each student is closely monitored while they complete the tutorial to identify critical mistakes and address them early on.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Overall Revision Drills Icon

Overall Revision Drills

In overall revision drills, students will be given revision worksheets and notes that cover a span of interlinked topics. Each of these revision worksheets and notes are specially-designed to fish out common misconceptions and mistakes that students usually make. Higher-order thinking questions are also used in these worksheets and notes to challenge students and train them on the correct approach towards tackling difficult questions.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Concept-Reinforcement and Topical-Revision Icon

Concept-Reinforcement and Topical-Revision

In concept-reinforcement and topical-revision, students are exposed to a greater breadth of questions for each topic to promote greater familiarity with the question variations. These lessons are tailored specifically for combined-science students to help them on questions that are specific to their syllabus.

H2 NEW A Level H2 Math Syllabus

Key trends in recent examinations


Higher-Order Knowledge Application


Relating Mathematics in Real-World Scenarios


Drill and Practice Method

The new 2017 H2 Math syllabus takes a shift towards more higher-order knowledge application and increases the emphasis on relating mathematics in real-world scenariosAt least 2 real-world application questions (15 marks each), including those from science and engineering in both Paper 1 and 2 (12 marks each) will be included in the A Level papers.  

As a result, the usual drill and practice method will no longer be sufficient to help them score a distinction. In fact, a “less is more” logic applies. When a student practises too much, they may end up “programming” themselves to answer questions in a specific manner. Therefore, when they are tested on real-world application questions, often they find themselves unable to apply what they have learnt to solve the questions. 

In our centre, we will prepare the students to tackle these questions. Our tutorials, which are set by our tutor, will fully equip our students with the skills and knowledge to answer such questions.

On top of tackling real-world application questions, AO Studies specialises in preparing students for the usual problematic topics, i.e. Permutation and Combination (P&C). In recent years, the weightage on these topics is increasing and students are failing to score a distinction because they are unable to cope with these questions. In our lessons, students will be guided in their train of thought and the best approach to tackle these difficult topics.

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Class Activities

What do we do in a typical class over the term

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Intensive Revisions Icon

Intensive Revisions

30 hours of full comprehensive topical revision (covers every single topic and variant of questions) will be conducted followed by a full 3-hour paper 1 and 3-hour paper 2 mock exam before the A Level math examinations. This provides students with a much-needed review of each and every topic to be tested in the exams. This is a complete tuition programme that aims to push each and every student to a distinction in the A-Level exams.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Timed Test and Examination Practices Icon

Timed Test/Examination Practices

Time practices and topical tests will be conducted from time-to-time in our JC Math tuition programme. This will prepare our students for regular class tests, mid-term and end-of-year examinations in Singapore, helping them in their time-management skills and putting them in the right mindset for the papers. The practices and tests will also help the students identify areas that they have yet to fully grasp and to work on or clarify those areas.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Assignments and Homework Icon

Assignments & Homework

Specially designed tutorials and past-year prelim papers from the top JCs are often given as homework to give students the necessary practice. Most importantly, each one of these homework assignments is carefully marked and returned to the students, where their mistakes are highlighted for students to improve on.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Examinations Skills and Strategies Icon

Examinations Skills & Strategies

Dealing with a 3-hour paper can be daunting and students are taught proper strategies to tackle the H1 and H2 Maths A Level examination paper. This includes:

  1. Amount of time to set aside to complete the paper on the first attempt;
  2. Questions to focus on (base on topics & how the questions are set) to get the correct answers;
  3. Setting aside time to check for mistakes;
  4. Answering strategy and presentation methods to maximise the marks obtained.

These skills are engineered to the highest level of precision and they have been tried and tested by many generations of students.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - JC Math Tuition - Topical Teaching Icon

Topical Teaching

Topical re-teaching lessons will re-emphasise on the key topical concepts in each chapter, the common question types and the strategy to solve each of these question types.

Class practices are used frequently after each topical re-teaching in order to assess a student’s understanding. Students who struggle with the class practices are given more individual help while others who have already fully grasped the concepts are given more challenging work to extend their knowledge on the topics.

Key Features

Why should you join our JC Math Tuition?

A comfortable conducive caring learning environment

The best learning takes place in an environment which is comfortable and conducive. We create an atmosphere of care and concern for each and every one of our students, allowing students to ask questions without restraint and not be afraid of being judged. We take the time to celebrate our students’ small successes. Their first pass, their first A, their birthdays; knowing that they are appreciated and noticed provides great motivation for students towards working harder to achieve their dream grades.

Tested and Proven Track Record

Our JC Maths tuition programme in Singapore has seen many batches of JC students graduate, each of them achievement stellar results. The testimonials that our students leave for us is truly a strong encouragement and reassurance that our programme works and our students are deriving true value from it.

Small Class Size

The nature of learning JC maths is a complex and rigorous process that requires constant professional guidance to excel. As such, we enforce strictly a small class size for tuition so that each and every one of our students is able to obtain the needed individualised attention.

Student Testimonial

What our students say about our JC maths tuition programme

Chuwei is not just a tutor that guides our studies, but he is also a friend that cares and concern about our future. Though I was only under his guidance for a few months, but he helped me to achieve my personal best in H2 Mathematics. Whats more was that he also give us tips in other areas that is beyond his responsibility. He was happy (or even happier than us) for all of us that made it to our dream course in university. If anyone needs help in the academic (and maybe life) he is definitely someone to look for. I am glad that I was able to be taught by him during my toughest period of my JC life. Thank you so much Chuwei!

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Chan Tin Wing

Nanyang Junior College, JC Mathematics Programme | Grade

AO Studies is a place with the most dedicated teachers. My awesome math tutor, Chu Wei just doesnt seem to leave his whatsapp conversations with us, endlessly solving our math questions even if it meant sacrificing his nights and midnights. Moreover, Chu Wei convicts to ensure his students would not leave lessons without learning anything, hence we see ourselves staying back completing his assignments most of the time.

Tuition can sometimes be a dreadful event, but strangely I love solving Chu Wei’s monstrous tutorial questions! For this meant i have already mastered my concepts and not be afraid of taking up any school exams and finally the “A” Levels. True enough, I am proud to say I have never failed any math paper after the guidance of Chu Wei, when in fact math was my most hated subject since primary school. I even scored distinction in my A Levels!!! 

There are many more fun-loving moments during lessons which made me loved attending tuition classes compared to the dull lessons in school. 

Such fantastic environment is hard to come by, I didn’t regret my choice.

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Ng Jing Ting

Nanyang Junior College, H2 Maths Programme | A for H2 Maths

Whether you’re the kind of ‘a relatively doing well’ but can never score an ‘A’ student or a ‘weak in math’ student like I was, please take some time to read the long but honest review:

Chuwei is a tutor with both great knowledge and a big heart. As a teacher, he never fails to clear our doubts and explain basic mathematical concepts which are crucial in cultivating problem solving skills. He goes the extra mile to answer our questions out of class and even late nights. As an Arts student who has always struggled with math, Chuwei has consistently guided me since J1 and allow me to gain confidence.

His depth of knowledge of the subject and the syllabus has enabled him to quickly identify his students’ weaknesses and advise each of us individually on how we can improve. From failing math in the past, I’ve finally did well in A levels.

Honestly, it was never a smooth journey for me when it came to this daunting subject , and there are times where I face setbacks in examinations. Nonetheless, because of Chuwei, someone who believes in the best in every student, he gave me the encouragement I needed each time and allowed me to push through until the end. He has been more than just a tutor to all of us.

To parents or students reading, if you want a tutor who is dedicated, whose teaching is effective or a tutor who can give ur child maximum exposure (something all students really need in A level H2 mathematics unlike O levels), I believe Chuwei is the tutor you are looking for.

To students, no matter what tutor you’re going to eventually, please remember that math really requires you to PRACTISE and don’t be complacent. There are many ‘A’ students who eventually scored a ‘B’ just because they got lazy or are over confident. There are also those who used to fail but got an ‘A’ because they tried hard enough.

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Chen Lu Shi Quinn

Victoria Junior College, JC Mathematics Programme | Grade

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