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Tuition classes we provide for 2024:

Secondary level (S3/4) JC level (J1/2)
Subj offered Pure Phys Pure Chem Combined Sci (Phys/Chem) H2 Math H2 Physics
Instructor Joseph Ang Joseph Ang Joseph Ang Mr. Lim Joseph Ang

Due to family commitments, Mr. Lim will only be focusing on JC 1 & 2 H2 Math tuition from 2024 onwards.

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Despite the  long hours, I’ve never felt tired or bored once thanks to the complex yet fun questions in Chu Wei's tutorials.

Crescent Girls' School

Heather Khong

AO studies was certainly a pleasant surprise. as dreadful as math seems to be, Mr Lim makes math such an enjoyable subject and explains each topic in a clear and concise manner.

CHIJ Katong Convent

Audrie Lee

I was initially hesitant on going for it however, Chu Wei made sure that all of us were comfortable during lessons.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Colin Tan

Chu Wei's passion for math, alongside the wealth of knowledge about the subject, made it possible to do so as he used unique ways to explain certain concepts and ideas.

Saint Andrew's Junior College

Justin Lim

Chu Wei is very well-versed with Math as a subject and is able to pass down his knowledge and teach students well

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Xavier Ou

Personally, Chu Wei was not just a tuition teacher, but also a pillar of support that I could count on in times of need, emotionally and academically.

St Andrew's Junior College

Natalie Tan

Chu Wei constantly seeks his students' feedback on his lessons and lesson materials so as to better tweak and cater to his students' learning needs and pace

St Andrew's Junior College

Amanda Liew

Chu Wei is an extremely patient and helpful teacher and is always going the extra mile to ensure his students can properly grasp the complex math concepts.

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Celeste Tjan

Chu Wei constantly goes out of his way to offer help to us, asking us to bring our exam papers for review to further understand where our greatest weakness in math lies and the common errors we repeat in the exams.

Raffles Junior College

Adhithya Raja

Chu Wei built my confidence from ground up in the subject by giving me the hardest questions from each topic to do.

Raffles Junior College

Kaylen Lim

Chu Wei opened my eyes to a different world of mathematics. I ended up scoring both A1s for o levels.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Naadiah Ibrahim

Academics aside, Chu Wei imparted so many values into each and every one of us. He taught us that there is so much more to life than grades and exams, that our potential was not determined by our transcripts, that value should be placed not on the end product but on the effort and commitment given to get there.

Raffles Junior College

Pin Jie

Chu Wei's lessons are enjoyable as well as there are quizzes and prizes to attain during lessons.

Gan Eng Seng School


From getting a D7 in Sec 3 ... to finally A2 in the O'levels! None of this could have been possible without the help of Chu Wei.

St Gabriel's Secondary School


Chu wei takes his time with each student to go through all their problems as well as providing us with a conducive learning environment where we would be able to focus on our studies.

Victoria Junior College

Erin Seah

In his class, Chu Wei will always provide us with a hot towel to let us freshen ourselves up and there are also FREE snacks provided to make sure that we are not hungry!

Nanyang Junior College

Justin Lim

During the 2019 O level paper, the questions Chu Wei created were almost identical to the O level questions.

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Kelly Khoo

Perhaps I started liking math more too HAHA. Chu Wei's tests are insanely difficult and his class work really makes you want to throw your brain away and walk out of class puking, but I promise it's all worth it.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Jarrett Cho

Chu Wei explains concepts and topics clearly and teaches shortcuts and tricks which makes understanding of the problem so much easier.

Anglo - Chinese School (Barker Road)

Timothy Chan

Chu wei is a tutor that has constantly motivated me to do better in my additional mathematics despite my constant failures.

Queenstown Secondary School

Ossdon Lim

Chu Wei's classwork is actually better than the standards of most schools, which had given me a leverage in the long run.

Queensway Secondary School

Carine Chan

Chu Wei always makes sure to explain clearly the underlying concepts and fundamentals behind each topic, using various drawings, analogies and explanations until everyone in the class understands it.

River Valley High School

Lauren Humphries

Chu Wei's positive, motivational and amiable personality really pushed us to improve in our studies and made it less of a chore and more of a treat to attend his class. His tuition class was a one-stop shop for academic help, friendship, life advice and food.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Naadiah Ibrahim

Instead, Chu Wei explored my reasoning and patiently, yet skillfully, crafted a method to convince me of why my argument was invalid.This really made me realise that Chu Wei was not teaching for the sake of it, but truly because he wanted us to fully grasp and learn to love Math.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Edlyn Tan

Even though his tutorials looked as though he tortured students for a living, Chu Wei would patiently go through the solution and explain thoroughly such that everyone would understand the method to solve similar questions.

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Joshua Loo

Class is always enjoyable and I never dread going for lesson. I managed to jump 5 grades for additional mathematics and attained distinctions for both my elementary and additional mathematics in O levels.

Anglo - Chinese School (Independent)
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Justin Chan Hong Yi

Justin Chan Hong Yi

Before i joined AO Studies, I was failing Physics and was usually scoring a C6 for my Amaths. However, after I joined the Physics and Amaths tuition at AO Studies, both my Physics and Amaths were an A2.

Bishan Park Secondary School

Tizane Teo

After joining AO studies at the start of Secondary 4, my results for both subjects have improved tremendously, all thanks to Mr Joseph. He had been such a friendly and caring teacher, making sure that you understand all your concepts and clearing all your doubts the best that he can give.

Christ Church Secondary
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Edwin Tan

Edwin Tan

I joined AO Studies towards the end of secondary 3. At that time, my phy and chem were barely passing and I was beginning to lose interest in them. However, the lessons were engaging and I was able to better understand the topics. I was shocked that I managed to improve from C6 in sec 3 to A1 for both my Physics and Chem in the 'O's.

Maris Stella High School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Benjamin Koh

Benjamin Koh

I joined AO studies at middle of Secondary 3 after failing my Chemistry with only 25/100 (F9). After joining the Tuition centre for only 2-3 months, i managed to pass my Chemistry paper for the 1st time.

Commonwealth Secondary School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Eve Lee

Eve Lee

My physics tuition teacher Joseph have really helped me in more ways than one. I loved his class from the moment I started attending it- and I've learnt so much from him too; I have my A1 in O Level Physics to attest to that.

Anderson Secondary School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Yu Fei

Ng Yu Fei

Mr Joseph has taught me chem and physics since sec 3 to sec 4. Through the lessons, he uses really visual, interactive, interesting ways to teach his students that really makes chem and physics interesting. It's no longer something read from a book but made into something with life and something i really enjoy learning.

Maris Stella High School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Rosini Garan

Rosini Garan

After joining AO studies, my attitude towards Chemistry gradually changed for the better. My results have improved a lot, from low Cs to mostly high Bs and As.

Cedar Girls Secondary School

Siah Shifra

Chu Wei's lessons and tests were really sick and passing none of his tests was actually kinda demoralising especially when alevels is nearing but well it better prepared me for the real shit and i jumped from a D to an A. Yay, thank you Chu Wei!  

Nanyang Junior College

Erin Seah En Jia

Chu Wei was able to provide me sufficient guidance during the class as he would try to explain till we can understand. Also, he gave us really challenging questions and tutorials for us to be well-prepared for our tests and exams.

Anderson Secondary School

Lim Yip Siew

I have been under Chu Wei since Secondary 4, and he is by far the most dedicated teacher I know. His class is always full of laughter and joy, and you'll grow to love math.

Serangoon Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Yeo

Marcus Yeo Xin Hao

From Chu Wei's torturous and monstrous self-made tutorial question, i had alot of trouble doing it, but he took the extra mile and explain preciously to me with the basic understanding of math.

Yishun Junior College

Berlynn Ong

With the help of Mr Joseph, I was able to cope with the subject and eventually gained interest in Chemistry.

Christ Church Secondary
AO Studies Student Testimonial

Kelly Ng

Mr Joseph managed to push my results from a C6 to an A1 in O'Levels and I'm very thankful for all his efforts!

Christ Church Secondary

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is so much more than just your tuition teacher with a mission to reteach what you should have learnt in school. He’s a whole package deal of teacher, mentor and personal cheerleader hitting you all at once.

National Junior College

Valery Thong Wei Qing

Yet when you feel all hope is lost, Chu Wei will make you feel that you can salvage any situation as long as you put your heart into it.

Innova Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Lim

Marcus Lim Ming Hao

.... but ChuWei never given up. He would spend time explaining to me once or twice till I get the twist of it and would allow students to stay back after class time to ask him any doubts that we have requiring school work.

Guang Yang Secondary School

Elizabeth Teng Jing Yi

the constant encouragement and passion from Chu Wei made it possible for me to get a distinction in Additional Mathematics.

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Juliana Ho Shing Chian

Thanks to Chu Wei, my Math grade successfully improved from a U to an A. To someone like me who has never scored anything above a U grade throughout my JC life, this is a life-changing miracle.

Nanyang Junior College

Tan Zi Xuan

... with a C5 in my Amaths at ‘O’ Levels, I clearly remembered how I hated calculus and totally given up. With Chu Wei's efforts, I managed to secure an A for my H2 Maths at ‘A’ Levels!

Serangoon Junior College

Huang Ziqi

Chu Wei believes that every student is capable of achieving good grades in Maths. He encourages and pushes his students to achieve their goals.

National Junior College

Ng Jing Ting

I have never failed any math paper after the guidance of Chu Wei, when in fact math was my most hated subject since primary school. I even scored distinction in my A Levels!!!

Nanyang Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan Xue Er

Chu Wei is a tutor that really cares about the welfare of his students & never failed to be there when I needed help in my studies & even for any other issues. Honestly, without him, I would be nowhere near to where I am today.

Serangoon Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Chan Tin Wing

Chan Tin Wing

I am glad that I was able to be taught by Chu Wei during my toughest period of my JC life.

Nanyang Junior College

Leow Xingni

Chu Wei is a very driven teacher and a friend who will encourage and motivate you.

Nanyang Junior College
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Wan Ting

Ng Wan Ting

Despite constantly not doing well in school exams for physics, Joseph didnt give up, and gave extra attention to if i needed help in the questions we were doing in class. He was always willing to stay back after class to attend to my questions if i had any.

St Nicholas Girls’ School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Wang KaiQi

Wang Kai Qi

At AO studies, they always believed that you could achieve something more, and for the faith my tutor, Chu Wei, had in me, thank you!

Cedar Girls' School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Phillina Teo

Phillina Ashlea Teo

I join Chu Wei's class in the middle of the year. At that point of time, I was failing Math and hated it. I never looked forward to doing Math. But when I started with AO Studies, I started to take interest in it as I begin to improve slowly.

St Margaret’s Secondary School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Nurul Nafisah

Nurul Nafisah

Chu Wei's scrutiny in ensuring that we are consistent in our studies has been a leading factor that encouraged me to continue to work hard and excel.

Cedar Girls' School
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee 2

Charmaine Lee Hui Ching

Chu Wei will not hesitate to go beyond what is required of him and provide after-tuition-hours assistance to students who require them.

Cedar Girls' School

Jann Lee Xin

I even considered dropping amaths, but then Chu Wei stopped me and told me he believed I could pass my maths.  Without Chu Wei, I would never had been able to achieve such good grades in such a short time.

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee

Charmaine Lee Wan Ting

The tutors there were extremely dedicated and were willing to take the extra mile for their students.

Crescent Girls' School

Tan Jay Len

I find Chu Wei's teaching methods really in depth. Even for the tougher topics like differentiation and integration, I was able to understand it a lot easier than when it was first taught to me by teachers in school.

Catholic High School

Ooi Qiu Min

Chu Wei's tuition provides a very personalised experience whereby, he will point out each of our mistakes and ensure that we will not repeat it in our exams or future practices.

Nanyang Junior College

Hazel Tan Jia Hui

Chu Wei tailored many lessons that targeted essential questions in each chapter of H2 math...

Nanyang Junior College

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is wonderfully engaging and he never hesitates to share stories, opinions and jokes with the class.

Anderson Secondary School

Yeo Dong Han

Chu Wei takes great effort in making his math questions fun to do despite being challenging ...

St Andrew's Junior College

Darren Heng Chen Kai

Chu Wei is also someone who clearly knows the education and examining system well, and accurately spots questions like a magician (including the actual A level math questions)...  

Raffles Institution

Chen Lu Shi Quinn

Chuwei is a tutor with both great knowledge and a big heart...... if you want a tutor who is dedicated, whose teaching is effective or a tutor who can give your child/you maximum exposure, I believe Chuwei is the tutor you are looking for.

Victoria Junior College

The pursuit of education is a lifelong journey that is fraught with occasional setbacks that test the abilities of students to process information, analyse problems, and find solutions. Our educators at our tuition centre in Singapore nurture students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers through the conduct of secondary and JC tuition programmes.

AO Studies vs Other tuition centers

AO Studies Other Tuition Centres
Premium lounge + studying area accessible daily only waiting area before and after class
Centralised location 5 mins from Bugis/City Hall MRT interchange, Opp to National Library Local neighbourhood, not accessible for everyone
Drinks and snacks Free Chargable
Deposits No Up to $200
Registration fees No Up to $200
Withdrawal period notice No 1-2 months advance notice
Admin fees No Up to $100

The tutorials and tests that Chu Wei prepared was always a struggle. Every question was something new, each harder than the last, and not one would you have found in any assessment book.

Naadiah (Cedar Girls' Sec Sch)

Chu Wei’s insanely challenging tests and practices repeatedly pushed us to achieve our best.

Lauren (Cedar Girls' Sec Sch)

Chu Wei combines this learning with devilishly challenging practices which forces us to put our knowledge to the test, some of which are intriguing, relatable and relevant to real life.

Carine (River Valley High Sch)

Secondary Physics and Chemistry Tuition

Achieve success for your O Levels

AO Studies offers a wide spectrum of O Level tuition classes in Singapore to match the differentiated needs of students as they prepare for the O Level examinations, namely O Level Physics tuition and Secondary Chemistry tuition classes Under the guidance of tutors, students will explore the subjects through engaging and meaningful class activities, like topical re-teaching, practice sessions and exam skills development.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre Singapore - O level Physics Tuition Icon

Sec Physics

AO Studies offer classes for students taking either Pure Physics (5059/6091) or Combined Physics (5076/5077) that are geared towards exam preparation, via content enrichment for topics, like Measurement, Newtonian Mechanics, and Waves.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre Singapore - O level Chemistry Tuition Icon

Sec Chemistry

The study of Pure Chemistry (5073/6092) or Combined Chemistry (5076/5078) involves in-depth exploration of chapters, like Experimental Chemistry, Atomic Structure and Stoichiometry, Chemistry of Reactions, and Periodicity.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre Singapore - O level Combined Science Tuition Icon

Sec Combined Science

Students can enrol in the combined science tuition programme that is focused on the expansion of knowledge and development of answering techniques that relate to observations, information processing, and analysis of results.

JC Tuition

Acing the A Levels

Given the growing complexities of the A Level subjects in Singapore, seen in terms of the question variations and depth of study, AO Studies conducts JC H2 physics tuition classes that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to handle the rigours of the examinations. The lessons will expand the knowledge of students and refine their answering techniques progressively.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Centre Singapore - A level Math Tuition Icon

JC Math

Students who are either studying A Level H2 Math will raise their skills proficiency via the featured JC Math tuition classes. During the lessons, students will be introduced to topics of Pure Math and Statistics on a topical basis. Through a progressive learning model, students will develop the confidence and capability to solve basic and challenging math problems.

Please refer to this FAQ list to get more information and clarifications on our Math Tuition.

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Our Centre’s Tutors

Entrust your child to experienced educators

The AO Studies tuition centre in Singapore is led by tutors, Mr Joseph Ang and Mr Lim Chu Wei, whose dedication have inspired many students to give their best at every moment to raise their mental resilience and skills competency levels. These tutors apply exam-effective teaching methods to improve conceptual understanding and answering techniques for Math and Science subjects.

Math Tutor (Principal) Lim Chu Wei

Mr Lim has been teaching secondary and JC Mathematics for 18 years and counting. He is capable of identifying the common errors and areas of improvement to account for the learning obstacles that impede the students’ efforts to excel at the examinations. Also, Mr Lim’s dedication for excellence has influenced his students to do the same, such as the willingness to go the extra mile and attempt practice questions independently.

Physics & Chemistry Tutor Joseph Ang

Mr Ang is a former MOE teacher with 12 years of teaching experience, specialising in the teaching of secondary Physics and Chemistry subjects. His systematic and clear explanation of concepts and scientific processes are effective in guiding students through complex topics taught at the O Levels. In addition, Mr Ang’s consistent engagement with numerous students over the years have enabled him to refine the quality of teaching and study resources to support the exam preparation process.

Education News

Gain insights into education-related matters

Students and parents can read the education news and articles that are featured at AO Studies. These materials are written by tutors, who believe in sharing their experience and knowledge to bring the quality of education to the next level. The topics are diverse, covering areas like effective ways to answer Chemistry questions.

Self-Directed Learning in Math: Empowering Students to Take Control

In Singapore's educational landscape, fostering independent learners is a cornerstone of the Ministry of Education's vision for secondary school students. In fact, belief in their abilities, adaptability to change, creativity, and an inquiring mind are some of the...

Is Singapore Removing the GCE O-Levels? What Does it Mean for Students?

Singapore's educational landscape is undergoing a monumental shift, first characterised by the change in the PSLE scoring system, followed by the implementation of the Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) system. This system has officially eliminated the traditional...

O-Level Chemistry Exam Challenges (& Ways to Overcome Them)

Navigating the O-Level Chemistry exam can be a daunting task for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical, engineering, and research fields, given its rigorous nature and the breadth of content covered. Being a test of diverse skills, this O-Level...

How to Stay Motivated to Study for A-Level Math

There is no doubt that the A-Level H2 Math journey is a blend of rewarding achievements and tough challenges that test your motivation for studying. And finding ways to stay motivated to study through these highs and lows is a common hurdle for many students. This...

How AO Studies’ Helps Students Manage A-Level Exam Stress

In the global educational landscape, Singaporean students are known for their academic excellence, evidenced by their top Mathematics, Science, and Reading ranks in the 2022 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). These achievements, however, often bear...

Mastering JC Physics: Effective Learning Strategies

Tackling Junior College (JC) Physics can feel like preparing for a marathon where the track is laden with hurdles of complex theories and practical experiments. It's not just about memorising formulas or understanding the laws of motion; it's about connecting with the...

How AO Studies Develops Students’ Skills in A-Level Maths

Singapore's outstanding academic performance, exemplified by leading the global rankings in Mathematics for the 2022 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), sets a high benchmark for educational excellence. While this prestigious ranking is a testament...

5 Best Study Tips to Ace the National Exams in Singapore

When it comes to Singapore's education system, the A-Level and O-Level exams are like the shining threads that weave the future. These exams aren't just milestones; they're the doors to exciting opportunities, scholarships, and your dream career. But we get it —...

2023 A’ Level Suggested Ans for H2 Math (9758)

Dear Students, Thank you for signing up for our JC H2 Math tuition classes. We hope you learnt well and had a good time. Please refer to the following links to download the suggested answers for the 2023 A'Level H2 Mathematics Paper 1 (9758). For future students that...

Join Mr Lim’s H2 Math Tuition Class and Be on Your Way to Distinction.

Are you a student struggling with H2 Math? Do you find yourself grappling with complex equations, unsure of how to approach challenging problems? Look no further! Join Mr Lim's H2 Math tuition class, and embark on a journey towards distinction in this essential...

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I’m really grateful to have joined Chu Wei’s math class in J1, he is an extremely patient and helpful teacher and is always going the extra mile to ensure his students can properly grasp the complex math concepts.
He’s always finding new and innovative ways to motivate and push his students to work harder, and I really appreciate how he always makes time to answer any queries we have before or after class. He is someone who is very friendly which makes it very easy to approach him and ask for help to clarify any doubts. I also really appreciate the effort that Chu Wei puts in when crafting absurdly difficult math questions, it really pushes you to think and prepares you well for the questions that appear during the A levels. Thank you sir and thanks for always keeping the fridge well stocked.

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Amanda Liew