Get Ahead With An Excellent Chemistry Tutor


Chemistry can be a tricky subject, with students often finding it difficult to visualise what happens at a molecular level. A lack of success might cause many to give up on the subject and opt for other sciences for their O and A levels.

Understanding basic concepts of Chemistry would be like a fog clearing and the world opening! A good Chemistry tutor can help students do just that. At AO Studies, our O Level Chemistry tuition programme is designed to equip students with a strong foundation of knowledge to ace their Chemistry exams. 

Why Choose Our Chemistry Tuition Programme?

The AO Studies O level Chemistry Tuition Programme strives firstly to build a solid, dependable base to better understand not just Chemistry, but also the relationship it has with other sciences, maths, and our physical world. 

Lessons are structured to balance understanding and memorisation to help students grasp complex concepts. In regular class discussions, students are encouraged to ask higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) questions designed to stimulate thought and develop critical thinking skills. Our experienced Chemistry tutor will prepare students for examinations by focusing on proper answering techniques that will give them the tools for stellar results.

The Difference a Good Chemistry Tuition Teacher Makes

Since 2012, AO Studies, one of the leading tuition centres in Singapore, has helped countless students up their Chemistry examination scores drastically, achieving distinctions and stellar results.

Our Physics and Chemistry tutor, Joseph Ang has four years of experience teaching in schools and nine years of tutoring. He focuses his vast experience on developing his own unique methods of explaining abstract scientific concepts and makes each teaching experience visual and engaging. He believes that all students learn in different ways and varies his teaching methodologies to cater to each individual. 

While many Chemistry tuition centres in Singapore claim to do precisely that, we are proud to have numerous testimonials from happy students to back our claims up. Besides helping students to improve their Chemistry grades, we also offer ’O’ Level Physics tuition, ‘A’ Level Math tuition,  ‘A’Level Physics tuition and others. 

Drop us a message to discuss how we can help your child skyrocket those grades!