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It’s no secret that attaining good examination results at the post-secondary or Junior College (JC) level can help pave the way for your future educational or career prospects. For students aiming to enter competitive courses, such as Medicine or Engineering, a solid foundation in H2 A-Level Physics and JC H2 Maths is essential to excelling in their university or postgraduate studies. At AO Studies, we are dedicated to providing professional tuition help to students across several areas of study to help them achieve their academic goals. Our first-class H2 JC Physics tuition programme helps prepare students for their upcoming Physics A-Level examinations.

As such, students undertake our carefully-developed course structure that has been proven to enhance their understanding of A-Level Physics. Our tuition classes are conducted by teachers with a wealth of experience in the subject matter and who are well aware of precisely what and how to teach in order to provide our students with the knowledge to achieve the highest marks possible in the A-Level Physics exams at the JC level. Attending AO Studies class helps prepare students for the rigour and demands of the A-Level assessments, giving them the academic knowledge and confidence they need to ace their exams with flying colours.

Our JC Physics Tuition Classes vs Others


AO Studies Other JC Physics Tuition
Class size Optimum class size (10 - 20 pax) Too little (incompetent tutor); Too large (impossible to pay attention to your child)
Years of Experience Nearly 20 yrs less than 10yrs
Premium lounge + studying area accessible daily only waiting area before and after class
Centralised location 5 mins from Bugis/City Hall MRT interchange, Opp to National Library Local neighbourhood, not accessible for everyone
Drinks and snacks Free Chargeable
Deposits No Up to $200
Admin fees No Up to $100
Registration fees No Up to $200
Withdrawal period notice No 1-2 months advance notice

The Best A-Level Physics Tuition

At AO Studies, we’ve designed an A-Level Physics tuition programme that ensures students have the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident in their A-Levels. Our JC Physics tutor, Joseph Ang, is an ex-Ministry of Education teacher and an experienced Physics tuition tutor, helping numerous JC students achieve their academic goals. Furthermore, we employ a rigorous teaching methodology that uses a systematic approach to help students fully grasp different complex Physics concepts and even develop a higher order of thinking. Our teaching methodology also puts a strong focus on answering techniques and exam strategies so students can ace their A-Levels with confidence.


JC Physics Tuition Schedule & Rates

A-Level H2 Physics

Level Day Time Fees
4 lessons 12 lessons
JC 1 Fri 6 - 8pm $400 $1150
JC 2 Sat 5:30 - 7:30pm


Please refer to this FAQ list to get more information and clarifications on our Physics Tuition.

JC Physics Tutor Profile

Joseph Ang is an experienced educator who specialises in both A-Level Physics tuition, O-Level Physics tuition, and Secondary Chemistry tuition. Holding a degree in Chemical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge to his teaching. He has four years of experience as a Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher and nine years of tutoring expertise. As such, he possesses a deep understanding of the academic requirements needed to excel in JC level assessments.

Throughout his extensive career and professional development, Joseph has honed his unique teaching approach to make abstract scientific concepts more accessible and engaging for his students. He recognises the importance of adapting teaching methodologies to cater to individual students, ensuring optimal learning outcomes. By employing visual aids and interactive techniques, Joseph creates an environment that promotes active participation and comprehensive understanding.

Joseph Ang

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education
Contact No: 90226662 Email: [email protected]

JC Physics Tuition Programme Syllabus

With recent A-Level assessments starting to change, practising and memorising terms won’t be enough to get optimal results. There is now a great emphasis on application, so students who rely simply on textbook knowledge may struggle in this area of the exam. To address this, our tuition centre designed a syllabus and teaching methodology that will equip JC students with the knowledge and skill to go beyond their textbook knowledge.

Our A-Level Physics syllabus focuses on higher-order knowledge application and relating Physics to real-world scenarios. We don’t use the usual drill and practice methods that are commonly used, but rather, we prepare students to tackle complex Physics questions with confidence in real-world applications. AO Studies also specialises in preparing students for difficult topics by guiding them on developing the best approach to tackle them.

JC1 Term 1: Measurement, Kinematics, Forces and Dynamics
JC1 Term 2: Work Energy Power, Circular Motion, Gravitational Field, Electric Field
JC1 Term 3: Thermal Physics, Oscillations, Waves
JC1 Term 4: Superposition, Revision
JC2 Term 1: DC circuits, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction
JC2 Term 2: Alternating Current, Quantum Physics, Nuclear Physics
JC2 Term 3 and 4: Topical Revision

The syllabus stays flexible throughout the year depending on the needs of the students in the class and is not set in stone.

JC Physics Tuition Programme Structure

This is how lessons are conducted in our A-Level Physics programme.

AO Studies - Maths Tutor Singapore - JC H1 H2 Math Notes

Topical Re-teaching

At AO Studies, we understand the importance of revisiting fundamental concepts and addressing common misconceptions in A-Level Physics. In our topical re-teaching classes, students receive comprehensive topical notes that reintroduce key concepts, along with detailed and easy-to-understand guides on common difficult areas. Our teaching approach goes beyond traditional lectures, encouraging students to actively engage with the subject matter through inquiry-based learning. By fostering critical thinking and deep understanding, we aim to equip students with the tools needed to excel in their Physics studies. Each tuition lesson concludes with a carefully designed tutorial that allows students to apply what they have learned to assess their comprehension.

AO Studies - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Math Syllabus

Topical Tutorials

Our topical tutorials are developed by our dedicated JC Physics tutors to provide students with targeted exercises to solidify their understanding of key Physics concepts within each chapter. These tutorials not only consolidate knowledge but also familiarise students with the types of questions they can expect to encounter in their examinations. By systematically addressing different question types, students develop confidence and proficiency in tackling diverse problem-solving scenarios. 

AO Studies - Secondary Tuition Singapore -Secondary Mathematics Tuition

Higher-Order Thinking Question Discussion

AO Studies facilitates higher-order thinking question discussions to nurture critical thinking skills and reinforce Physics concepts. A-Level assessments will expose students to challenging questions that demand advanced reasoning and analysis. Through guided discussions, our JC Physics tutors assist them in developing the appropriate approach when encountering unfamiliar or complex questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our A-Level Physics Tuition

Does AO Studies offer any additional resources to supplement the JC Physics tuition classes?
Absolutely, we provide additional resources to supplement students in our JC Physics tuition. Students can expect extensive study materials, practice papers, and revision guides to help strengthen their knowledge of the topics covered in A-Level Physics. We strive to provide students with a wide range of resources that cater to their different learning styles and reinforce key Physics concepts so they can succeed in their examinations.
Is access to study areas provided to JC Physics tuition students?
Yes, enrolled JC Physics tuition students at AO Studies have access to our study areas. We recognise the significance of providing a conducive environment for studying. Our students are granted permission to utilise our dedicated study spaces, where they can engage in independent study or collaborate with fellow students. These study areas are designed to foster a focused and productive learning atmosphere, enabling students to maximise their academic potential.
How does AO Studies stay updated with the latest changes in the A-Level H2 Physics syllabus?
To stay updated with the latest changes in the A-Level H2 Physics syllabus, our dedicated JC Physics tutor continuously monitors and adapts to any modifications in the syllabus. That way, we ensure that our JC students are equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills required to excel in their examinations.
How does AO Studies ensure that students receive individual attention during A-Level Physics tuition classes?
At AO Studies, we prioritise individual attention in our A-Level Physics tuition classes. By maintaining small class sizes, a maximum of twenty students per class, our tutors can provide personalised attention to each student. This allows us to address individual challenges, clarify doubts, and offer guidance to ensure that they each receive the necessary support. We create a supportive learning environment where students can freely ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive focused assistance. Through this approach, we aim to maximise each student’s learning potential and help them pass their A Levels with flying colours.
What is the withdrawal policy for students who need to discontinue the H2 Physics tuition classes?

Our withdrawal policy is designed to be flexible and student-friendly. We understand that circumstances may change, and students may need to discontinue their JC Physics tuition classes. Unlike other centres, we do not require a month’s advance notice. Rather, students can simply contact our staff, and we will process their withdrawal as soon as possible.

What is the distinction rate of AO Studies’ A-Level Physics tuition students?
AO Studies leverages the high distinction rate achieved by our JC students. While the exact rate may differ from year to year, we are committed to creating a learning environment where students are motivated to learn and perform well academically. Furthermore, our teaching methods have consistently given our students optimal results in their Physics examinations.

Testimonials for A-Level Physics Tuition

AO Studies strives to provide only the best standards of tuition possible for our students, whether they’re studying A-Level Physics or Secondary School Combined Science. Our former students have gone on to achieve excellent results in their exams and have left glowing testimonials about their time with us:

Crescent Girls' School


Despite the  long hours, I’ve never felt tired or bored once thanks to the complex yet fun questions in Chu Wei's tutorials.

CHIJ Katong Convent

Heather Khong

AO studies was certainly a pleasant surprise. as dreadful as math seems to be, Mr Lim makes math such an enjoyable subject and explains each topic in a clear and concise manner.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Audrie Lee

I was initially hesitant on going for it however, Chu Wei made sure that all of us were comfortable during lessons.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Kaylen Lim

Chu Wei opened my eyes to a different world of mathematics. I ended up scoring both A1s for o levels.

Gan Eng Seng School

Pin Jie

Chu Wei's lessons are enjoyable as well as there are quizzes and prizes to attain during lessons.

St Gabriel's Secondary School


From getting a D7 in Sec 3 ... to finally A2 in the O'levels! None of this could have been possible without the help of Chu Wei.

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Justin Lim

During the 2019 O level paper, the questions Chu Wei created were almost identical to the O level questions.

St. Margaret's Secondary School

Kelly Khoo

Perhaps I started liking math more too HAHA. Chu Wei's tests are insanely difficult and his class work really makes you want to throw your brain away and walk out of class puking, but I promise it's all worth it.

Anglo - Chinese School (Barker Road)

Jarrett Cho

Chu Wei explains concepts and topics clearly and teaches shortcuts and tricks which makes understanding of the problem so much easier.

Queenstown Secondary School

Timothy Chan

Chu wei is a tutor that has constantly motivated me to do better in my additional mathematics despite my constant failures.

Queensway Secondary School

Ossdon Lim

Chu Wei's classwork is actually better than the standards of most schools, which had given me a leverage in the long run.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Lauren Humphries

Chu Wei's positive, motivational and amiable personality really pushed us to improve in our studies and made it less of a chore and more of a treat to attend his class. His tuition class was a one-stop shop for academic help, friendship, life advice and food.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Naadiah Ibrahim

Instead, Chu Wei explored my reasoning and patiently, yet skillfully, crafted a method to convince me of why my argument was invalid.This really made me realise that Chu Wei was not teaching for the sake of it, but truly because he wanted us to fully grasp and learn to love Math.

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Edlyn Tan

Even though his tutorials looked as though he tortured students for a living, Chu Wei would patiently go through the solution and explain thoroughly such that everyone would understand the method to solve similar questions.

Anglo - Chinese School (Independent)

Joshua Loo

Class is always enjoyable and I never dread going for lesson. I managed to jump 5 grades for additional mathematics and attained distinctions for both my elementary and additional mathematics in O levels.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Justin Chan Hong Yi
Bishan Park Secondary School

Justin Chan Hong Yi

Before i joined AO Studies, I was failing Physics and was usually scoring a C6 for my Amaths. However, after I joined the Physics and Amaths tuition at AO Studies, both my Physics and Amaths were an A2.

Christ Church Secondary

Tizane Teo

After joining AO studies at the start of Secondary 4, my results for both subjects have improved tremendously, all thanks to Mr Joseph. He had been such a friendly and caring teacher, making sure that you understand all your concepts and clearing all your doubts the best that he can give.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Edwin Tan
Maris Stella High School

Edwin Tan

I joined AO Studies towards the end of secondary 3. At that time, my phy and chem were barely passing and I was beginning to lose interest in them. However, the lessons were engaging and I was able to better understand the topics. I was shocked that I managed to improve from C6 in sec 3 to A1 for both my Physics and Chem in the 'O's.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Benjamin Koh
Commonwealth Secondary School

Benjamin Koh

I joined AO studies at middle of Secondary 3 after failing my Chemistry with only 25/100 (F9). After joining the Tuition centre for only 2-3 months, i managed to pass my Chemistry paper for the 1st time.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Eve Lee
Anderson Secondary School

Eve Lee

My physics tuition teacher Joseph have really helped me in more ways than one. I loved his class from the moment I started attending it- and I've learnt so much from him too; I have my A1 in O Level Physics to attest to that.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Yu Fei
Maris Stella High School

Ng Yu Fei

Mr Joseph has taught me chem and physics since sec 3 to sec 4. Through the lessons, he uses really visual, interactive, interesting ways to teach his students that really makes chem and physics interesting. It's no longer something read from a book but made into something with life and something i really enjoy learning.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Rosini Garan
Cedar Girls Secondary School

Rosini Garan

After joining AO studies, my attitude towards Chemistry gradually changed for the better. My results have improved a lot, from low Cs to mostly high Bs and As.

Anderson Secondary School

Erin Seah En Jia

Chu Wei was able to provide me sufficient guidance during the class as he would try to explain till we can understand. Also, he gave us really challenging questions and tutorials for us to be well-prepared for our tests and exams.

Christ Church Secondary

Berlynn Ong

With the help of Mr Joseph, I was able to cope with the subject and eventually gained interest in Chemistry.

AO Studies Student Testimonial
Christ Church Secondary

Kelly Ng

Mr Joseph managed to push my results from a C6 to an A1 in O'Levels and I'm very thankful for all his efforts!

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Lim
Guang Yang Secondary School

Marcus Lim Ming Hao

.... but ChuWei never given up. He would spend time explaining to me once or twice till I get the twist of it and would allow students to stay back after class time to ask him any doubts that we have requiring school work.

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Elizabeth Teng Jing Yi

the constant encouragement and passion from Chu Wei made it possible for me to get a distinction in Additional Mathematics.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Wan Ting
St Nicholas Girls’ School

Ng Wan Ting

Despite constantly not doing well in school exams for physics, Joseph didnt give up, and gave extra attention to if i needed help in the questions we were doing in class. He was always willing to stay back after class to attend to my questions if i had any.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Wang KaiQi
Cedar Girls' School

Wang Kai Qi

At AO studies, they always believed that you could achieve something more, and for the faith my tutor, Chu Wei, had in me, thank you!

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Phillina Teo
St Margaret’s Secondary School

Phillina Ashlea Teo

I join Chu Wei's class in the middle of the year. At that point of time, I was failing Math and hated it. I never looked forward to doing Math. But when I started with AO Studies, I started to take interest in it as I begin to improve slowly.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Nurul Nafisah
Cedar Girls' School

Nurul Nafisah

Chu Wei's scrutiny in ensuring that we are consistent in our studies has been a leading factor that encouraged me to continue to work hard and excel.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee 2
Cedar Girls' School

Charmaine Lee Hui Ching

Chu Wei will not hesitate to go beyond what is required of him and provide after-tuition-hours assistance to students who require them.

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Jann Lee Xin

I even considered dropping amaths, but then Chu Wei stopped me and told me he believed I could pass my maths.  Without Chu Wei, I would never had been able to achieve such good grades in such a short time.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee
Crescent Girls' School

Charmaine Lee Wan Ting

The tutors there were extremely dedicated and were willing to take the extra mile for their students.

Catholic High School

Tan Jay Len

I find Chu Wei's teaching methods really in depth. Even for the tougher topics like differentiation and integration, I was able to understand it a lot easier than when it was first taught to me by teachers in school.

Anderson Secondary School

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is wonderfully engaging and he never hesitates to share stories, opinions and jokes with the class.

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