Expert A Level H2 JC Physics Tuition To Supercharge Exam Results

Learn to Analyse & Apply Concepts

It’s no secret that future prospects are paved by good examination results. At AO Studies, we are dedicated to providing professional help in several areas of study, such as our first-class H2 JC Physics tuition programme.

In this programme, students undertake a carefully-developed course structure that has been proven to enhance their understanding in A Level Physics. Tuition is conducted by teachers with a wealth of experience in the subject matter and who are well aware of precisely what and how to teach in order to provide our students with the knowledge to achieve the highest marks possible in the exams.

What is involved in our H2 Physics tuition programme?

Inquiry-based lessons which focus on students’ misunderstandings

This enables students to develop an understanding of what exactly the errors are they’re making and gives them the clarity and determination to ensure such errors aren’t made moving forward.

A focus on higher-order thinking which leads to deeper knowledge application

Our specially-designed JC Physics A Level tutorials have been developed to get our students thinking in order for them to apply their knowledge appropriately. And while the wide range of questions discussed in the tuition classes may be quite different compared to what they’ve learned, we help them to discover links between these questions to the concepts they know and help them find the way to the correct answer.

Exam-based techniques to find answers

During tutorials, we strongly emphasise techniques for answering questions to help maximise the number of marks in exams. We work with students so they know specific keywords to use depending on the concept and continue to reinforce these keywords during tutorials, so when they sit the exam they’re well aware of what terminology must be used to properly and correctly answer questions.

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