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At AO Studies, our combined O Level science programme is conducted together with the pure Chemistry tuition classes and pure O Level Physics tuition for Topical Re-teaching and Topical Tutorials. There are very little differences in the syllabus between pure and combined sciences. Students will be exposed to reasoning and conceptual application skills at the pure science level. This promotes a deeper understanding of the subjects, that common school combined science programs are unable to offer. Combined science students will then be given dedicated classes to focus on concept application and examination skills that are necessary for the combined science level.

Programme Structure

How the O-Level combined science tuition programme’s lessons are conducted

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Topical Re-teaching Lessons

In topical re-teaching O Level combined science lessons at AO Studies, tuition students will receive a set of concise notes for each chapter and introduced to key concepts. Special emphasis will be placed on the key terminology that is linked to each concept that they must apply to their answers. Strategies are also introduced to make memorisation of the required content easier. Key mistakes and misconceptions are also highlighted.

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Topical Tutorials

In the topical tutorials of our combined science tuition sessions, specially designed notes will consolidate key science concepts in each chapter and further test on a student’s understanding of the subject. Key terminology is highlighted so that students use accurate terminology to answer questions that will help them score the maximum number of marks. Students will be exposed to a small degree of higher-order thinking questions to challenge their conceptual understanding.

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Concept-Reinforcement and Topical-Revision

In concept-reinforcement and topical-revision, students are exposed to a greater breadth of questions for each topic to promote greater familiarity with the question variations. These lessons are tailored specifically for combined-science tuition students to help them on questions that are specific to their syllabus.

Class Activities

What do we do in a typical combined science O-Level tuition class over the term

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Class Discussions

In our regular class discussions at AO Studies, combined-science tuition students are exposed to a large breadth of questions that will assess their understanding of the key concepts in each chapter. This is so, as they will be part of the pure sciences class, which they will otherwise, not have the opportunity in their normal school curriculum. Higher-order thinking questions are also introduced to challenge and strengthen topical concepts.

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Timed Test/Examination Practices

Short time practices are conducted frequently in our combined science tuition classes to assess a student’s understanding of the topics covered. During these sessions, emphasis is placed on time-management, examination skills, and answering techniques.

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Concise Notes

Concise notes for each chapter of O Level science topics will be given to every student in our tuition classes to help them consolidate topical concepts and make it easier for them to memorise and understand key concepts. Key summary notes for the entire combined science syllabus are given to students towards the end of their curriculum to consolidate the key facts that they need to memorise.

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Examinations Skills & Strategies

The O Level combined science paper places less emphasis on higher-order knowledge application and more emphasis on ensuring that students fully grasp the basic concepts in each chapter. As such, there is a greater need for students to ensure that they are proficient in answering the common question types in each and every chapter and are able to apply accurate answering techniques learnt during their tuition classes to score the highest possible marks for each question.

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Topical Teaching

In our combined science tuition, topical teaching lessons are conducted together with the pure science class, where students learn the key concepts, with emphasis on common mistakes and misconceptions students have. An inquiry approach is used so that students participate more actively in the learning, increasing their understanding rather than just didactic memory of key facts. Frequent use of visual and diagrammatic representations also help students better understand what they are learning.

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Key Features

Why should you join our O Level combined science tuition?

Exposure to Pure Sciences Syllabus

With the shift in the O Levels towards more knowledge application questions, it is vital that students have a better understanding of their concepts through discussions and consultations and more interactive tuition lessons. Learning conceptual knowledge at the pure science level allows students to have a more complete understanding of the topical concepts in combined science and allows for better knowledge application.

Concise Topical and Summary Notes

O Level students in Combined Science tuition are often overwhelmed with the sheer amount of memory work required to score. They resort to using their own words and understanding rather than using key terminology that they need to memorise to answer questions. With our concise topical and summary notes, students will be able to focus their efforts on memorising the content that matters most in a fast and efficient way.

Intensive Revision Specially Catered for Combined Science

Intensive topical and overall revisions specially catered for the combined science syllabus exposes students to a wide variety of questions, allowing them to understand the question types in each chapter and how they are phrased in combined science. Tips and tricks on how to score in the MCQ and practical paper are also an integral part of our tuition programme that is specific to O Level science students.

O Level Combined Chemistry/Physics Syllabus

Key trends in recent examinations


Higher-order thinking skills


Knowledge Application Questions

The O Level combined science paper places less emphasis on higher-order thinking questions compared to the pure science syllabus. Instead, students are expected to fully grasp the basic concepts in each chapter and accurately answer the common question types in each chapter. As such, a greater emphasis is placed in ensuring that students are able to memorise the key terminology and facts in each topic and how to proficiently answer each question.

In recent years, there has been a shift to increase the percentage of knowledge-application questions even at the combined science level. As a result, students are starting to see more unfamiliar questions that require more higher order knowledge application. This is when our tuition students’ exposure to our pure science classes will help them have a complete picture of their concepts and understand the topical concepts better, allowing them to better apply their theoretical understanding to unfamiliar questions. Our higher order thinking question discussion conducted in our tutorials will also guide students on the correct approach towards challenging questions and allow them to conquer them more effectively.

Student Testimonial

What our students say about our programme

Before AO Studies, I was struggling with an F9 grade for my combined science. I hated Chemistry and could not understand most of the concepts. However with the help of Mr Joseph, I was able to cope with the subject and eventually gained interest in Chemistry. As for Physics, I was able to see a great improvement as compared to my grades in Sec 3. For my OLevels, I scored an A1 for the subject, hence I really recommend AO Studies as it’s really worth it !!

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Berlynn Ong

Christ Church Secondary School, Combined Chemistry/Physics Programme | A1 for Combined Science (Chem/Phys)

I joined AO Studies with only 2 months left before my O’Levels.  I was struggling to pass both my physics and chemistry and I only scored C6 for my prelims.   Mr Joseph was very patient with me  and I always learn a lot from his classes. The notes provided are very comprehensive and the worksheets are very helpful! Mr Joseph managed to push my  results from a C6 to an A1 in O’Levels  and I’m very thankful for all his efforts!

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Kelly Ng

Christ Church Secondary School, Combined Chemistry/Physics Programme | A1 for Combined Science (Chem/Phys)

Before joining AO studies,  I barely passed for Combined Science(Chemistry and Physics) . However, after joining AO studies at the start of Secondary 4, my results for both subjects have improved tremendously, all thanks to Mr Joseph. He had been such a  friendly and caring teacher, making sure that you understand all your concepts and clearing all your doubts the best that he can give.   I clinched a B3 grade for my O Level Combined Science  and i am truly grateful and thankful for having such a wonderful teacher!! So do not hesitate and join AO Studies today! I strongly recommend it and you will not regret!

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Christ Church Secondary School, Combined Chemistry/Physics Programme | B3 for Combined Science (Chem/Phys)