JC A-Level H2 Physics Syllabus

The JC A-Level H2 Physics Syllabus is your gateway to comprehending the complexities of the natural world. It offers profound insights into the fundamental principles governing the universe. In this comprehensive overview, we’ll delve into the syllabus, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

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Advanced Level Higher 2 Physics (Syllabus 9749)

1. Measurement

Understanding the fundamental principles of measurement and precision in physics.

2. Kinematics

Exploring the study of motion, including velocity, acceleration, and motion equations.

3. Dynamics

Investigating the forces that affect the motion of objects and their interactions.

4. Forces

Understanding the different types of forces and their applications in physics.

5. Work, Energy and Power

Analysing the concepts of work, energy, and power in mechanical systems.

6. Motion in a Circle

Studying the dynamics of circular motion and centripetal forces.

7. Gravitational Field

Exploring the gravitational field, gravity, and its effects.

8. Temperature and Ideal Gases

Understanding temperature, kinetic theory, and the behaviour of ideal gases.

9. First Law of Thermodynamics

Investigating the conservation of energy and its applications in thermodynamics.

10. Oscillations

Studying oscillatory motion and harmonic oscillators.

11. Wave Motion

Exploring wave phenomena, including wave properties and behaviours.

12. Superposition

Analysing the principle of superposition and its applications in wave phenomena.

13. Electric Fields

Understanding electric fields, electric potential, and electrostatics.

14. Current of Electricity

Investigating electric current, circuits, and electrical measurements.

15. D.C. Circuits

Analysing direct current (D.C.) circuits and their components.

16. Electromagnetism

Exploring the principles of electromagnetism and magnetic fields.

17. Electromagnetic Induction

Understanding electromagnetic induction and its applications.

18. Alternating Current

Studying alternating current (A.C.) circuits and electrical power.

19. Quantum Physics

Investigating quantum mechanics and the behaviour of particles at the atomic and subatomic levels.

20. Nuclear Physics

Exploring nuclear reactions, radioactivity, and nuclear energy.

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