Why choose us ?


 Because there is continuity.

Whether is it O’level track or I.P. track, their Math teachers teaching them in Sec 3/4 will not be the same as the Math teacher in J1/2. There is no continuity. May be the student do not wish to enter JC, then there isn’t a need for any continuation. But what if, he/she has a good friend to influence him/her to enter JC? What if he/she change his/her mind 1 month before O’level ? or after O’level results is released ?

Too many “what if” here and is the risk worth taking ?

However, the same student will be in my Math class from Sec 3 to JC 2. Believe me, I will probably be the only teacher in his/her life to coach him/her for 4 straight years. I will know his/her capabilities and strength better than any for her school teachers, and allow me to boldly say that, I will also be the only teacher who is able to bring out the best in him/her.


The aim of our secondary maths tuition programme at AO Studies, Bugis, Singapore is to provide our students with systematic, step-by-step and clarified guidance to prepare them for their ‘O’ level examinations. We also seek to nurture our students with a view of Mathematics as a living, growing, creative human endeavor that classifies as both a science and an art and to be aware of some of the many applications of Mathematics in today’s world.

Don’t believe our words, check it out yourself…

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Lauren Humphries

Chu Wei's positive, motivational and amiable personality really pushed us to improve in our studies and made it less of a chore and more of a treat to attend his class. His tuition class was a one-stop shop for academic help, friendship, life advice and food.

Cedar Girls' Secondary School


Instead, Chu Wei explored my reasoning and patiently, yet skillfully, crafted a method to convince me of why my argument was invalid.This really made me realise that Chu Wei was not teaching for the sake of it, but truly because he wanted us to fully grasp and learn to love Math.

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Edlyn Tan

Even though his tutorials looked as though he tortured students for a living, Chu Wei would patiently go through the solution and explain thoroughly such that everyone would understand the method to solve similar questions.

Anglo - Chinese School (Independent)

Joshua Loo

Class is always enjoyable and I never dread going for lesson. I managed to jump 5 grades for additional mathematics and attained distinctions for both my elementary and additional mathematics in O levels.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Justin Chan Hong Yi
Bishan Park Secondary School

Justin Chan Hong Yi

Before i joined AO Studies, I was failing Physics and was usually scoring a C6 for my Amaths. However, after I joined the Physics and Amaths tuition at AO Studies, both my Physics and Amaths were an A2.

Christ Church Secondary

Tizane Teo

After joining AO studies at the start of Secondary 4, my results for both subjects have improved tremendously, all thanks to Mr Joseph. He had been such a friendly and caring teacher, making sure that you understand all your concepts and clearing all your doubts the best that he can give.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Edwin Tan
Maris Stella High School

Edwin Tan

I joined AO Studies towards the end of secondary 3. At that time, my phy and chem were barely passing and I was beginning to lose interest in them. However, the lessons were engaging and I was able to better understand the topics. I was shocked that I managed to improve from C6 in sec 3 to A1 for both my Physics and Chem in the 'O's.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Benjamin Koh
Commonwealth Secondary School

Benjamin Koh

I joined AO studies at middle of Secondary 3 after failing my Chemistry with only 25/100 (F9). After joining the Tuition centre for only 2-3 months, i managed to pass my Chemistry paper for the 1st time.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Eve Lee
Anderson Secondary School

Eve Lee

My physics tuition teacher Joseph have really helped me in more ways than one. I loved his class from the moment I started attending it- and I've learnt so much from him too; I have my A1 in O Level Physics to attest to that.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Yu Fei
Maris Stella High School

Ng Yu Fei

Mr Joseph has taught me chem and physics since sec 3 to sec 4. Through the lessons, he uses really visual, interactive, interesting ways to teach his students that really makes chem and physics interesting. It's no longer something read from a book but made into something with life and something i really enjoy learning.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Rosini Garan
Cedar Girls Secondary School

Rosini Garan

After joining AO studies, my attitude towards Chemistry gradually changed for the better. My results have improved a lot, from low Cs to mostly high Bs and As.

Anderson Secondary School

Erin Seah En Jia

Chu Wei was able to provide me sufficient guidance during the class as he would try to explain till we can understand. Also, he gave us really challenging questions and tutorials for us to be well-prepared for our tests and exams.

Christ Church Secondary

Berlynn Ong

With the help of Mr Joseph, I was able to cope with the subject and eventually gained interest in Chemistry.

AO Studies Student Testimonial
Christ Church Secondary

Kelly Ng

Mr Joseph managed to push my results from a C6 to an A1 in O'Levels and I'm very thankful for all his efforts!

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Lim
Guang Yang Secondary School

Marcus Lim Ming Hao

.... but ChuWei never given up. He would spend time explaining to me once or twice till I get the twist of it and would allow students to stay back after class time to ask him any doubts that we have requiring school work.

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Elizabeth Teng Jing Yi

the constant encouragement and passion from Chu Wei made it possible for me to get a distinction in Additional Mathematics.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Ng Wan Ting
St Nicholas Girls’ School

Ng Wan Ting

Despite constantly not doing well in school exams for physics, Joseph didnt give up, and gave extra attention to if i needed help in the questions we were doing in class. He was always willing to stay back after class to attend to my questions if i had any.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Wang KaiQi
Cedar Girls' School

Wang Kai Qi

At AO studies, they always believed that you could achieve something more, and for the faith my tutor, Chu Wei, had in me, thank you!

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Phillina Teo
St Margaret’s Secondary School

Phillina Ashlea Teo

I join Chu Wei's class in the middle of the year. At that point of time, I was failing Math and hated it. I never looked forward to doing Math. But when I started with AO Studies, I started to take interest in it as I begin to improve slowly.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Nurul Nafisah
Cedar Girls' School

Nurul Nafisah

Chu Wei's scrutiny in ensuring that we are consistent in our studies has been a leading factor that encouraged me to continue to work hard and excel.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee 2
Cedar Girls' School

Charmaine Lee Hui Ching

Chu Wei will not hesitate to go beyond what is required of him and provide after-tuition-hours assistance to students who require them.

Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Jann Lee Xin

I even considered dropping amaths, but then Chu Wei stopped me and told me he believed I could pass my maths.  Without Chu Wei, I would never had been able to achieve such good grades in such a short time.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Charmaine Lee
Crescent Girls' School

Charmaine Lee Wan Ting

The tutors there were extremely dedicated and were willing to take the extra mile for their students.

Catholic High School

Tan Jay Len

I find Chu Wei's teaching methods really in depth. Even for the tougher topics like differentiation and integration, I was able to understand it a lot easier than when it was first taught to me by teachers in school.

Anderson Secondary School

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is wonderfully engaging and he never hesitates to share stories, opinions and jokes with the class.

Programme Structure

How are the lessons conducted

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec Math Tuition - Topical Re-teaching and tutorials Icon

Topical Re-teaching and tutorials

In topical re-teaching, key topical concepts are reintroduced, highlighting the formulas and how to use them. Common question types are emphasised and students will practice examples of the different question types with guidance, pointing out common pitfalls that students tend to make. Following that, students will be given topical tutorials that will assess the student’s understanding. Each students will be closely monitored while they complete the tutorial to identify critical mistakes that they make.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec Math Tuition - Overall Revision Drills Icon

Overall Revision Drills

Through overall revision drills, students will be given revision tutorials that cover a span of different topics. Each of these revision tutorials are specially designed to highlight common misconceptions and mistakes that students tend to make when they attempt the tutorial. The revision drills give students the required practice under close supervision to ensure that they are applying the right skills to answer questions.

Class Activities

What do we do in a typical class over the term

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec Math Tuition - Time Practices/Examination Setting Icon

Time Practices/Examination Setting

In-class practices and timed trials are conducted frequently at AO Studies Mathematics classes, especially for key question types in each chapter. These practices will be assessed on the spot for instant feedback to the students on how they can improve their answers, help correct misconceptions and strengthen their conceptual knowledge. 

All graduating classes (A&E Math) will have to sit for in-house mock exam 2 weeks before their national examinations. 

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec Math Tuition - Examinations Skills and Strategies Icon

Examinations Skills & Strategies

With an arsenal of techniques used by top students over the last decade, there has never been an easier time for students to hone their skills in tackling examination papers. Our students will learn these effective techniques that would place them comfortably ahead of their peers. Strategies will also be shared with our students in navigating through complex questions encountered during examinations and to manage their time properly.

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec Math Tuition - Topical Teaching Icon

Topical Teaching

Topical re-teaching is conducted with provision of quick notes that organizes all key mathematical formulas, process explanation of these formulas, evaluation of the variants and its application in question. The mathematical knowledge is delivered on an examination-oriented approach with hindsight to the need of examination.

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Key Features

Why should you join our Secondary Maths Tuition?

Proven Track Record
At AO Studies, our secondary mathematics class has achieved a 100% distinction record for THREE years (2014, 2015 and 2017). This is testament to the effectiveness of our programme in helping students achieve the best results.
Unlimited Consultations
Mathematics is a subject where students require constant practice and feedback. Unlimited consultations are given to students after lessons to consolidate key topical concepts and address questions. This has helped many of our students immensely, especially students that were often not able to get the professional help that they need in school.
E Learning
Math Tutor, our math eLearning platform, is a powerful tool that supplements classroom lesson and can be used to reinforce the knowledge learnt. Not only are students able to recap on what they have learnt in class through the E learning platform, they are able to recap on chapters that has been taught long before when the need arises. This is an efficient and effective method that enables students to always be able to find help when they need it.

O Level Mathematics Syllabus

Key trends in recent examinations


Higher-order thinking skills



Increased Real-Life Application of Mathematics


In recent years, there has been a continuous shift towards higher order thinking skills and increased real life application of Mathematics. This is particularly reflected in the latest syllabus change in E Maths, which will now always incorporate a question that will focus on applying mathematics in a real-world scenario.

As such, our programme prepares students for these through a large variety of higher order thinking questions that are specially designed by our Mathematics Expert, Mr Lim Chu Wei. Through our programme, students will be guided on the strategy to approach these questions and score well in them.

Student Testimonial

What our students say about our programme

Before I joined AO studies, I tried taking classes from other tuition centres but I remained an F9 student for maths. Disheartened, I was so sure I was a gonecase for both my maths since I didn’t improve at all even when I had gone for tuition classes and I started losing confidence in myself. My results were fail grades continuously till mid year examinations in secondary four and I even considered dropping amaths, but then Chu Wei stopped me and told me he believed I could pass my maths. I still remembered I thought of how incredulous that was and I even scoffed when he said that.However, after months of his patient teaching, I was overjoyed when I started to pass my a maths, then improved to get a B4 in prelims. I finally got a B3 for amaths and A2 for emaths in o levels and I am proud to say that without Chu Wei, I would never had been able to achieve such good grades in such a short time. I am forever grateful to him, thank you Chu Wei!

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Jann Lee Xin

Chung Cheng High Secondary School (Yishun), Programme | Grade

I had only begun attending AO Studies classes in June during my fourth year in secondary school, and in the short span of a mere five months, my grades had skyrocketed; From borderline passes I struggled to produce, to the A1s I achieved in both A and E Maths at my Os.

It has truly been an exhilarating experience; not only does the tuition centre provide a perfectly conducive environment for learning, I found that I have also enjoyed interacting with fellow classmates and our teacher Chu Wei. He’s wonderfully engaging and he never hesitates to share stories, opinions and jokes with the class.
Furthermore, the papers and the practices he provides us are challenging and creative. Through his lessons, I have not only learnt to tackle each and every math problem, I too have learnt to appreciate the fascinating complexity and flexibility of the beauty that is mathematics.

Thank you Chu Wei!

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Eve Lee

Anderson Secondary School, A/E Maths and Physics Programme | A1 for A and E Maths

Before i join AO Studies,my A math results were horrible as i was unable to catch up with the pace that my school teacher was going.At my sec3 EOY examination, i got a F9 for my A math and was the last in my class.So after i join AO Studies,i started to catch up slowly and eventually i manage to reach the same pace that my school is going.In the end,my results manage to went from F9 to A2.If it wasn’t for my tutor effort and perseverance to continue to encourage me to work harder,i won’t even be able to achieve this kind of results today.Thank You!

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Yeo Jia Wei

Serangoon Secondary School, Sec Chemistry & Physics Programme | A2 for Chemistry, B3 for physics

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