Singapore’s Maths Tuition Centre Delivering Top Exam Results

Would you hop on a sailboat and head out to sea based on the information about sailing you learned in TV shows and movies? Probably not. You’d want to have in-depth, comprehensive lessons to make sure you were setting sail with as much knowledge as possible in order to give yourself the best chance of coming back in one piece.

In a similar fashion, students want to be sure they are fully-equipped to sit an exam, so they achieve the best possible mark and sometimes, regular classes simply don’t cut it. 

That’s where we come in.

AO Studies is a maths tuition centre in Singapore that delivers outstanding examination results for our students’ time and time again. We have specially-designed our math tuition programme to give students the specialised knowledge they need to obtain above-and-beyond results.

A centre offering a maths tuition programme unlike any other

Unlike most other maths tuition centres in Singapore, we offer a programme based on a thorough understanding of how the examinations are structured – and that’s backed by results. Feel free to read through all of our past students’ testimonials, proof that what we do works.

When attending our math tuition programme, students will be taught by the same teacher throughout, a teacher who has an extensive amount of experience not only with mathematics as a whole but also in the tuition of students of varying levels. Further, you can rest assured that class sizes are strictly kept small, which means much more one-on-one time for each of the students whenever necessary.

Find out more about our maths programme and enrol today

We’re always happy to answer any question you may have about our math tuition or any other programme we offer at AO Studies. Please call 9077 9077 or message us online and we’ll be in touch soon with a response.

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