Dear Students,

Thank you for signing up for our O Level Physics tuition classes. We hope you learnt well and had a good time.

Please refer to the following links to download the suggested answers for the 2016 O Level Pure Physics (5059/02) and Science(Physics) (5076/02) Structured Paper!

Disclaimer – All solutions and answers are provided by the teachers from AO Studies. MOE or UCLES bears no responsibility for the accuracy of these solutions. If anyone has any queries regarding the suggested solutions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

[flipbook pdf=”” title=”GCE O Level Combined Science Physics 5076/02 Suggested Answers 2016″]

[flipbook pdf=”” title=”GCE O Level Pure Physics 5059 Suggested Answers 2016″]

Hope everyone did well for these papers! If you didn’t do too well… ITS NOT TOO LATE TO SALVAGE IT!

There will be an intensive MCQ workshop for Chemistry and Physics held on the following dates, proudly brought to you by AO STUDIES.

Pure Physics
Saturday 12/11/2016 12pm – 630pm
Sunday 13/11/2016 1pm – 3pm

Pure Chemistry
Tuesday 15/11/2016 12pm – 630pm
Wednesday 16/11/2016 1pm – 3pm

The MCQ paper is one of the most neglected papers as many students tend feel that its easy. However, the MCQ paper is actually one of the most important papers that can help pull you ahead of the bell curve and give you an edge over your peers to score an A1 in the O level exams. Find out how you can hit an almost perfect score for the MCQ paper at this intensive workshop.

Prices will be at $260 for one subject and $500 if you sign up for both. Do drop me a text or email if your interested.

To all other future students, if you are keen, do join us for our JC H2 Physics Tuition Classes next year!


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