Lim Chu Wei

Principal (Math Tutor)

Secondary and JC Math Specialist, Founder of AO Studies

Teaching Philosophy


It is not uncommon to see students doing badly in Math and unsurprisingly, they hate it. However when you delve deeper, often you will realise that they actually did pretty well in Math, and even liked the subject in primary school. We all know that parents are their kids’ best teachers and at primary school level, usually the kids learn a lot (including their academic studies) from their parents. But as they progress, their academic work will be too much or too complicated for their parents (unless their parents are teachers themselves), thus, they can only rely on their school teachers. As such, we tend to see that the grades start to deteriorate after primary school. Hence, it is important for us to address this pressing issue.

I always believe that every student is capable of scoring A for Math.
What a failing student need is not more practice nor a good teacher, but the right teacher.

A good student knows what to ask his teacher but the right teacher will know what questions the good student did not ask. Every student is different. Some can absorb complicated concepts easily while other may need another teaching approach in order to grasp the concepts. Frequently, I see myself having to teach numerous concepts in 2 to 3 different approaches in order to get the entire class on the same page.

Continuous assessment tests are conducted frequently in order to ensure everyone is learning at the same pace as we progress. Furthermore, feedback on my teaching is conducted twice a year and that is when I can adjust and revise my syllabus and teaching accordingly. Students can arrange to see me for consultation when they encounter difficulties in their assignments. Power point slides, stimulation softwares are used to facilitate learning experience and recommended textbooks titles are given to students for greater exposure in their learning journey.

To many of my students, I am seen as an approachable teacher and my teaching style is constantly changing and improving to suit the different needs of my students. I believe this is how a teacher should learn and improve his teaching skills. One of my greatest strengths, and I believe almost all my students would agree on, will be to explain a really complicated Math problem in a really simple way. This is why i feel that 

Teaching is not my career, teaching is my calling.

Try my classes now and let me unlock your fullest potential.

Lim Chu Wei

Chu Wei is always constantly changing his teaching methods and platforms to best fit our learning styles and every tutorial question is freshly tailored to perfection.

Eve (NJC)

Chu Wei’s nightmarish and infuriating tutorials exposed me to a lot more different types of questions. He stayed back after class to clear my doubts, replied my bombarding texts, answered my questions with patience and most importantly he made sure that I understood. 

Xingni (NYJC)

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