Lim Chu Wei

Principal (Math Tutor)

Secondary and JC Math Specialist, Founder of AO Studies

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec JC Math Tutor Chu Wei

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (NTU),
Higher Education Teaching Certificate (Harvard),
Master of Science Mathematics for Educators (NTU, NIE) (Yr 2020).

Secondary and JC math tutor Lim Chu Wei is a full time tutor with 15 years of experience in teaching, specialising in A, E, H1 and H2 Math. Chu Wei is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with a deep passion for Mathematics. Through his rigorous drill and practice sessions and specially designed questions and tutorials, he constantly challenges his students to overachieve and strive for excellence.

Since the incorporation of AO Studies in 2012, in a short span of 4 years, Chu Wei’s O’ Level Mathematics class of 2014, 2015 and 2017 achieved the remarkable results of a 100% distinction for 3 years.

Teaching Methodology

How are the lessons conducted

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Rigorous Topical Drill and Practice

Mathematics is a subject where rigorous drill and practice is unavoidable. In this aspect, Chu Wei is a master at motivating and pushing his students to strive for excellence. “Good is not good enough. You need to excel in it!” is his usual catchphrase. His drill and practice sessions ensures that his students have adequate practice of the different question types so that they will be able to reproduce the same results in the exams.

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Challenging Tutorials

Chu Wei takes pride in specially designing his tutorials to challenge and stretch his students. On top of covering the basic topical concepts, he specially designs challenging questions that incorporates many different chapters at the same time. Students are pushed to their limits and he guides them to use their own knowledge to tackle and solve these questions.

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A Strict But Caring Environment

In his math tuition classes, a lot of work is done and learning is efficient and effective. In spite of this, he maintains a caring and supportive environment where he celebrates small milestones that his students achieve. Their first A, the first time they pass a test, their birthdays; these are all examples of Chu Wei will taking the time to acknowledge the students for their small accomplishments and encourage them. These helps his students immensely in their motivation and their drive to push for greater heights.

Examination Preparation

How should students study for their Maths Exam?

Master Topical Concepts
Ensure that you are proficient with the math concepts and formulas for each chapter and how to use them. Each chapter will usually have a number of question types and it is important that you know what are the different question types in each chapter. It is usually difficult for a student to identify the different question types so do approach a professional to help you identify the different question types in each chapter and the strategies to approach this questions.
Efficiency and Accuracy
Most students usually face a lot of issues completing Mathematics papers in time at the beginning. As a result, they resort to skipping steps or cutting corners in presentation in order to save time. This is wrong! Skipping steps or cutting corners in presentation will often lead to careless mistakes and loss of marks due to insufficient presentation. These are mistakes and marks that can be easily avoided. If you take a look at the exam papers of the best mathematics students, they in fact do not skip steps at all. Instead, they present their answers clearly and neatly, in a systematic manner showing every step in the process. Doing makes it easy for them to refer back and check step in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring little to no mistakes along the way.
Study Smart
Many students often practice stacks of exam papers before each test or major exams, thinking that “Practice makes perfect”. While it is true to a large extent that practice will help improve your mathematics, there is a large flaw in this method if not done right. While it is important to practice, it is even more important to check your answers or mark your answers after completing your practice. That way, you will immediately be able to know which questions you did wrong or even help you identify misconceptions that you have. The worst scenario would be to keep practicing hundreds of questions only to realise that you have been doing a particular type of question wrongly. Not only has the practice not helped you, you have also reinforced bad mathematical habits and mistakes that will be hard to correct because you are now so used to it.
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