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AO Studies is part of the Secondary Tuition Singapore eLearning portal, which aids students who are taking O Level subjects, like Secondary Math, Physics and Chemistry, through the varied online resources. As a level-based portal, students can obtain more in-depth coverage of issues relating to O Level studies to support their revision efforts.

Tuition Programmes

How AO Studies can prepare students for the O Level exams?

Secondary Tuition Singapore features tuition classes by AO Studies that are beneficial to students, seen in terms of knowledge expansion and skills-based application. Students will undergo extensive class practice and topical revision to become proficient in the answering of different question types.
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Secondary Math Tuition

AO Studies offer secondary math tuition classes for students taking either A Math or E Math. The tuition programme features chapter-based discussion, class practice and skills-oriented learning.

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Secondary Physics Tuition

During the secondary Physics tuition, students will improve their answering techniques by being exposed to different question types, like those that feature models that test their knowledge of Physics-related concepts.

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Secondary Chemistry Tuition

The secondary Chemistry tuition classes at AO Studies will improve the investigative skills of students as they explore different chapters, like Organic Chemistry. Along the journey, students will attempt practice questions to improve their answering skills.

GCE O-Level Syllabus

Develop familiarity with subject-based requirements

Secondary Tuition Singapore features the GCE O Level syllabus section for students of AO Studies to understand the study curriculum and identify the examination format, especially question types. By doing so, students will be better prepared for the classes.
A Math Syllabus (4047)
For students taking the GCE O Level A Math (4047), there are three key learning areas, namely Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry, and Calculus.
E Math Syllabus (4048)
Students studying the GCE O Level E Math (4048), three aspects are covered, particularly Numbers & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, and Statistics & Probability.
Physics Syllabus (5059)
O Level Physics (5059) features four sections, namely Measurement, Thermal Physics, Waves, and Electricity and Magnetism.
Chemistry Syllabus (5073)
O Level Chemistry (5073) covers 6 sections to learn, such as Experimental Chemistry, Stoichiometry, Periodicity, Atmosphere, and Organic Chemistry.

eLearning Portals

Guiding students through every critical education phase

Secondary Tuition Singapore is part of the SGEducators network that features other related learning portals, like JC Tuition Singapore. JC students can visit the JC Tuition Singapore portal to develop a clearer understanding of A Level examination preparation and tertiary education matters.
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Education News

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Secondary Tuition Singapore features an Education News section that has article contributions made by AO Studies. Students and parents can examine important issues, like O Level exam preparation and subject combination selection for upper secondary level students.