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JC Tuition Singapore is a level-based eLearning portal that features tuition centres, like AO Studies, in the provision of JC tuition programmes. Students and parents can obtain latest information relating to A Level subjects, like Mathematics, to become aware of the critical pointers that support the pursuit of educational excellence.

Tuition Programmes

Attend exam-oriented learning programmes

JC Tuition Singapore lists tuition classes offered by AO Studies that enable students to develop the competency level to handle the challenges of the subject. The tuition programmes are focused on skills-based development and content enrichment.

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JC Math Tuition

AO Studies organizes JC Math tuition classes that will guide students through the rigorous demands of the subject. A broad range of class activities is set to engage students to think and solve problems via the application of answering techniques.

GCE A-Level Syllabus

Identify the key aspects of the subjects

JC Tuition Singapore features an informative section to guide students and parents through the study of A Level. At AO Studies, the tutors will explain to students the important parts of the subjects, such as the scope of assessment for the exams.

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A Level Math Syllabus (9758/8865)

For students taking either H2 Math (9758) or H1 Math (8865), there are two key areas of learning, namely Pure Mathematics and Statistics & Probability. Pure Mathematics cover chapters, like Differentiation, Integration, Equations and inequalities. Statistics & Probability features chapters, like Sampling and Hypothesis testing.

eLearning Portals

Linking the education networks

JC Tuition Singapore is part of the SGEducators network, which features other level- and region-based eLearning portals. Students of AO Studies can visit the Secondary Tuition Singapore portal to derive a better understanding of O Level subjects, seen in terms of the syllabus requirements and tuition programmes.

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Education News

Become informed learners

JC Tuition Singapore has an Education News column that features articles written by AO Studies to cultivate informed learners. Many issues are featured, such as the A Level subject selection, personal timetable setting, and stress management.

Career and Academic Guidance

Prepare for the future challenges

JC Tuition Singapore supports students of AO Studies even after the A Level examinations, seen in terms of Career and Academic Guidance. Given the importance of tertiary education in preparing students for the future working roles, JC Tuition Singapore holds a plethora of information to help students to make informed decisions.