eLearning Portals

Adopt digital-based learning methods

At AO Studies, our elearning programme is aimed at supplementing our core classroom lessons to create a complete programme that is able to render the much needed help to you both during class time as well as outside class time.

Why use eLearning?

How you can improve your studies with our eLearning features

These online materials offered by AO Studies serve to reinforce knowledge gained in class, they give you the flexibility to skim over and concentrate on areas that you may need to work more on. Having a learning tool that is available 24/7 also means that every student can find time in his/her busy schedule and benefit from it.

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eLearning is engaging and interactive

We introduce eLearning to encourage you to think actively and solve problems effectively. The eLearning features, like MathTutor, allow you to examine math problems on an instructional basis to understand the complexity of questions.

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Learn at your own pace and convenience

eLearning can be done anytime and anywhere. You can access our learning resources via your smartphone to understand subject-related issues and revise for your tests. These time-saving methods will raise your learning efficiencies.

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Get a firm grasp of the subjects

The eLearning features are exam-oriented, in which you can refine their answering techniques and strengthen conceptual understanding of Math- and Science-related topics. As a student of AO Studies, you gain exclusive access to our eLearning tools.

Subject-based portals

Master your subjects with our eLearning portals

Students can tap on our subject-based portals, like MathTutor, to improve their understanding of the subjects, be it topical concepts or question types. These portals target specific subjects to aid students in their focus on key areas of learning, like the building of fundamental knowledge and application skills.

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Math Tutor

Math Tutor features E-Learning resources to support and augment the educational development of students. E-Learning provides students with an alternative approach, like the inclusion of video explanation of questions, to improve conceptual understanding. Do refer to our e-Learning featured page to access the latest resources!

Region-based portals

Access our integrated eLearning platforms

Students and parents can visit these region-specific portals to gain a better understanding of the education matters at the local scene. These portals, such as SGEducators and Bishan Tuition Centres, are serve as digital guideposts for students and parents to find their way around the vast educational landscape. Also, there are useful resources, like Education News, to aid them in the decision-making process of class enrolment.

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SGEducators is the centrepiece of an interconnected digital platform for students, parents, and tutors to interact, collaborate, and learn together. It was established with the aim of creating a centralized infrastructure to link the disparate centres, so that students and parents can tap on useful learning resources and information to make informed decisions on educational improvements.

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Bishan Tuition Centres

As a region-specific portal, Bishan Tuition Centres supports students and parents who are living in the vicinity, by providing essential information relating to tuition centres situated in the neighbourhood. Students who enrol in these centres can enjoy the convenience due to the time-saving factor, whilst building up their knowledge to ace the examinations. Furthermore, education news are featured to raise awareness on region-specific issues.

Level-based portals

Improve your study efforts at every education level

AO Studies is part of the level-specific portals, which are focused on preparing students for the challenges, like O Level and A Level examinations. These portals are developed to support the revision plans of students, seen in terms of the available learning resources and tuition programmes. The comprehensive learning areas will help students to score in every subject.

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Secondary Tuition Singapore

As one of the level-specific E-Learning portals, Secondary Tuition Singapore focuses on the provision of reliable information for students to develop greater awareness on O Level subjects. Also, the portal features credible tuition centres that offer secondary tuition classes to impart knowledge and skills to students based on the latest syllabus requirements. Students and parents can read the latest education news relating to the secondary education scene, like updates to the syllabus content.

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JC Tuition Singapore

JC Tuition Singapore targets students who are undergoing pre-tertiary education by providing them with diverse resources to value-add the learning experience. This level-specific portal lists some of the best tuition centres that conduct JC tuition classes to prepare students for the demanding A Level examinations. Students can also refer to the education news and career guidance sections to be more prepared for the post-A Levels phase of life.