Ooi Qiu Min is AO studies #1 Most Improved Student. As an arts student, Qiu Min found it extremely hard to understand Math concepts and doing badly for it is definitely not a surprise.

However, through Chu Wei’s Math classes, she was able to slowly understand complicated algebra and Math concepts and finally scored a distinction for Math in her A’levels.

She developed a strong interest in Art at around 4-5 years old. She was truly fascinated by the vibrant colours surrounding her and under her mom’s coaching, her interest soon became her ultimate strength. She recalled clearly how her mom used to lecture her that humans have flesh, so stop drawing stick man!


(Right: Canvas oil painting of Qiu Min’s Mom, painted by Qiu Min)

Her talent for drawing began to shine brighter and brighter, and she soon outshone her fellow peers in her secondary school.

Check out more of her masterpieces here: https://ooiqmin.wixsite.com/portfolio

(Escher Head drawing by Qiu Min in secondary sch)

However, her Math… well, was not looking as good. By a stroke of luck, she managed to scrap an A2 and B3 for Add Math and Math respectively for her O’level.

For A’level, it’s a different ball game altogether. We all know that no amount of luck can secure an A for A’level Math. And without a slightest doubt, everyone will agree that Qiu Min is a very special student who stands out from the rest. Her talent in Art far exceeded her proficiency in academic studies. And to teach Math to students like her, conventional methods won’t work.

In 2015, Qiu Min enrolled in Chu Wei’s Math class. Employing many unique ways of teaching, various analogies to explain abstract concepts, numerous hours of personal coaching during in-class and out-of-class hours, she finally made it. From a U-grade (6.7%), she aced Math for her A’level. According to Qiu Min, it was the toughest period of her life, and no doubt a life changing tuition for her. Attaining the ‘A’ for her Math pulled up her overall rank points by a huge margin, which secured her a place in her dream faculty, NTU’s School of Art Design and Media.

It was AO Studies Math tuition that opened the door to her dream.

If she can do it,

What is your excuse?