2023 A’level full syllabus revision schedule will be out in Sept.

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2023 A’level Full revision schedule will be out in Sept.

Registration in Sept.

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2023 A’level Full revision schedule will be out in Sept.

Registration in Sept.

Chu Wei is always constantly changing his teaching methods and platforms to best fit our learning styles and every tutorial question is freshly tailored to perfection.

Eve (NJC)

Chu Wei’s nightmarish and infuriating tutorials exposed me to a lot more different types of questions. He stayed back after class to clear my doubts, replied my bombarding texts, answered my questions with patience and most importantly he made sure that I understood. 

Xingni (NYJC)

Chu Wei combines this learning with devilishly challenging practices which forces us to put our knowledge to the test, some of which are intriguing, relatable and relevant to real life.

Carine (River Valley High Sch)

Chu Wei’s classes are made to suit the pace of each student, and even if you’re very confused he will patiently stay back to explain everything until you understand.

Zoe (RJC)

2023 A’level Full revision schedule will be out in Sept.

Registration in Sept.

JC 2 A’level H2 Math Class Schedule

AO Studies - Bishan Tuition Singapore - Sec JC Math Tutor Chu Wei


Completion of Assessment of Children and Youth with Special Needs (NIE, NTU)

Completion of Assessment of Children and Youth with Special Needs (NIE, NTU)


Master’s Degree in Mathematics


Mechanical Engineering Degree


Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard


Teaching Philosophy


It is not uncommon to see students doing badly in Math and unsurprisingly, they hate it. However when you delve deeper, often you will realise that they actually did pretty well in Math, and even liked the subject in primary school. We all know that parents are their kids’ best teachers and at primary school level, usually the kids learn a lot (including their academic studies) from their parents. But as they progress, their academic work will be too much or too complicated for their parents (unless their parents are teachers themselves), thus, they can only rely on their school teachers. As such, we tend to see that the grades start to deteriorate after primary school. Hence, it is important for us to address this pressing issue.

I always believe that every student is capable of scoring A for Math.
What a failing student need is not more practice nor a good teacher, but the right teacher.

A good student knows what to ask his teacher but the right teacher will know what questions the good student did not ask. Every student is different. Some can absorb complicated concepts easily while other may need another teaching approach in order to grasp the concepts. Frequently, I see myself having to teach numerous concepts in 2 to 3 different approaches in order to get the entire class on the same page.

Continuous assessment tests are conducted frequently in order to ensure everyone is learning at the same pace as we progress. Furthermore, feedback on my teaching is conducted twice a year and that is when I can adjust and revise my syllabus and teaching accordingly. Students can arrange to see me for consultation when they encounter difficulties in their assignments. Power point slides, stimulation softwares are used to facilitate learning experience and recommended textbooks titles are given to students for greater exposure in their learning journey.

To many of my students signing up for A and E Math tuition and H2 Maths tuition, I am seen as an approachable teacher and my teaching style is constantly changing and improving to suit the different needs of my students. I believe this is how a teacher should learn and improve his teaching skills. One of my greatest strengths, and I believe almost all my students would agree on, will be to explain a really complicated Math problem in a really simple way. This is why i feel that

Teaching is not my career, teaching is my calling.

Try my classes now and let me unlock your fullest potential.

Lim Chu Wei


Lim, C.W, & Ho, W. K., (2021).  Appreciating functional programming: A beginner’s tutorial to HASKELL illustrated with applications in numerical methods. Proceedings of Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology, Volume 15, Number 2, ISSN 1933-2823.
Click here to view the downloaded paper.


Ho, W. K., & Lim, C. W. (2020). A Haskell implementation of the Lyness-Moler’s numerical differentiation algorithm. In W.-C. Yang, & D. Meade (Eds.), Electronic Proceedings of the 25th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (pp. 83-98). Mathematics and Technology, LLC.
Click here to view the downloaded paper.

It has been a tough journey for us, but watch this video to get a glimpse of how we continue to put our students’ needs first and coach them in the most nurturing environment we can provide.

Thank you The Royal Singapore for the feature.

Real Students
Real Testimonials
Real Transformations

Saint Andrew's Junior College

Colin Tan

Chu Wei's passion for math, alongside the wealth of knowledge about the subject, made it possible to do so as he used unique ways to explain certain concepts and ideas.

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Justin Lim

Chu Wei is very well-versed with Math as a subject and is able to pass down his knowledge and teach students well

St Andrew's Junior College

Xavier Ou

Personally, Chu Wei was not just a tuition teacher, but also a pillar of support that I could count on in times of need, emotionally and academically.

St Andrew's Junior College

Natalie Tan

Chu Wei constantly seeks his students' feedback on his lessons and lesson materials so as to better tweak and cater to his students' learning needs and pace

Anglo Chinese Junior College

Amanda Liew

Chu Wei is an extremely patient and helpful teacher and is always going the extra mile to ensure his students can properly grasp the complex math concepts.

Raffles Junior College

Celeste Tjan

Chu Wei constantly goes out of his way to offer help to us, asking us to bring our exam papers for review to further understand where our greatest weakness in math lies and the common errors we repeat in the exams.

Raffles Junior College

Adhithya Raja

Chu Wei built my confidence from ground up in the subject by giving me the hardest questions from each topic to do.

Raffles Junior College

Naadiah Ibrahim

Academics aside, Chu Wei imparted so many values into each and every one of us. He taught us that there is so much more to life than grades and exams, that our potential was not determined by our transcripts, that value should be placed not on the end product but on the effort and commitment given to get there.

Victoria Junior College


Chu wei takes his time with each student to go through all their problems as well as providing us with a conducive learning environment where we would be able to focus on our studies.

Nanyang Junior College

Erin Seah

In his class, Chu Wei will always provide us with a hot towel to let us freshen ourselves up and there are also FREE snacks provided to make sure that we are not hungry!

River Valley High School

Carine Chan

Chu Wei always makes sure to explain clearly the underlying concepts and fundamentals behind each topic, using various drawings, analogies and explanations until everyone in the class understands it.

Nanyang Junior College

Siah Shifra

Chu Wei's lessons and tests were really sick and passing none of his tests was actually kinda demoralising especially when alevels is nearing but well it better prepared me for the real shit and i jumped from a D to an A. Yay, thank you Chu Wei!  

Serangoon Junior College

Lim Yip Siew

I have been under Chu Wei since Secondary 4, and he is by far the most dedicated teacher I know. His class is always full of laughter and joy, and you'll grow to love math.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Marcus Yeo
Yishun Junior College

Marcus Yeo Xin Hao

From Chu Wei's torturous and monstrous self-made tutorial question, i had alot of trouble doing it, but he took the extra mile and explain preciously to me with the basic understanding of math.

National Junior College

Eve Lee Shi

Chu Wei is so much more than just your tuition teacher with a mission to reteach what you should have learnt in school. He’s a whole package deal of teacher, mentor and personal cheerleader hitting you all at once.

Innova Junior College

Valery Thong Wei Qing

Yet when you feel all hope is lost, Chu Wei will make you feel that you can salvage any situation as long as you put your heart into it.

Nanyang Junior College

Juliana Ho Shing Chian

Thanks to Chu Wei, my Math grade successfully improved from a U to an A. To someone like me who has never scored anything above a U grade throughout my JC life, this is a life-changing miracle.

Serangoon Junior College

Tan Zi Xuan

... with a C5 in my Amaths at ‘O’ Levels, I clearly remembered how I hated calculus and totally given up. With Chu Wei's efforts, I managed to secure an A for my H2 Maths at ‘A’ Levels!

National Junior College

Huang Ziqi

Chu Wei believes that every student is capable of achieving good grades in Maths. He encourages and pushes his students to achieve their goals.

Nanyang Junior College

Ng Jing Ting

I have never failed any math paper after the guidance of Chu Wei, when in fact math was my most hated subject since primary school. I even scored distinction in my A Levels!!!

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Cheryl Tan
Serangoon Junior College

Cheryl Tan Xue Er

Chu Wei is a tutor that really cares about the welfare of his students & never failed to be there when I needed help in my studies & even for any other issues. Honestly, without him, I would be nowhere near to where I am today.

AO Studies - Tuition Bishan Singapore - Student Testimonial - Chan Tin Wing
Nanyang Junior College

Chan Tin Wing

I am glad that I was able to be taught by Chu Wei during my toughest period of my JC life.

Nanyang Junior College

Leow Xingni

Chu Wei is a very driven teacher and a friend who will encourage and motivate you.

Nanyang Junior College

Ooi Qiu Min

Chu Wei's tuition provides a very personalised experience whereby, he will point out each of our mistakes and ensure that we will not repeat it in our exams or future practices.

Nanyang Junior College

Hazel Tan Jia Hui

Chu Wei tailored many lessons that targeted essential questions in each chapter of H2 math...

St Andrew's Junior College

Yeo Dong Han

Chu Wei takes great effort in making his math questions fun to do despite being challenging ...

Raffles Institution

Darren Heng Chen Kai

Chu Wei is also someone who clearly knows the education and examining system well, and accurately spots questions like a magician (including the actual A level math questions)...  

Victoria Junior College

Chen Lu Shi Quinn

Chuwei is a tutor with both great knowledge and a big heart...... if you want a tutor who is dedicated, whose teaching is effective or a tutor who can give your child/you maximum exposure, I believe Chuwei is the tutor you are looking for.

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